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How to Fix Search Issues in SharePoint Using a Full Crawl

Joe Knows Support

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How to Fix Search Issues in SharePoint Using a Full Crawl


Hi, I'm Joe with and you're watching Joe Knows Support. A video series on solving seemingly complex issues simply. Try saying that five times fast! "Order Up!" Hey, something is coming in. Ah, solving a search issue using a full crawl. Let's take a look at how to do that.


Okay, so you will want to go to the document library where you saved your document. Then you want to go up to 'Your Documents'. Click that, and go up to library in the top left corner.

Once you're here, you can go to 'Library Settings'. Click that, and now find 'Advanced Settings'. Click that. Scroll down, and you are given the option to re-index. Go ahead and re-index the library. It's going to confirm yes.

OK, now we've done what we need to do here in SharePoint now we're going to go out to central admin on the server. Once we are here, we are going to go to application management. We are going to go to manage service applications. Click this. Now under here we're going to find search service application. Click that. Then come over to 'Content Sources' on left. Click that. Then we're going to go up to the site that you see there. Bring do the drop down menu, and select 'Start Full Crawl'. Once you do that, we'll confirm. And now that we've confirmed and we've run the full crawl, you can come over here and take a look and see. It's actually going to show you how much time this took, right over here. It shows you the amount of time it took and shows you the last full crawl time and date net. That's right here.

Now, if you are on a Foundation Pro, you are going to have to type this STS ADM command to get the same actual full crawl to run. So take a good look at that if you're running on Foundation Pro. Wow we come back over here to your SharePoint site, and you're going to click on anywhere in here. Actually, we're going to go to home. But, just find your search box. We're going to type in the newly added document, type that in and hit search, and we'll see what happens. There it is!


Alright, very good! Now, one thing to remember when you're doing is that it's going to take up your server resources so it's not something you want to do during a prime time when there's a lot to usage on your site.

And that is another ticket served.

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