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How to Increase Maximum File Size in SharePoint 2013

Joe Knows Support

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How to Increase Maximum File Size in SharePoint 2013


Hi, I'm Joe at that and you're watching Joe Knows Support. Last week we looked at a ULS error regarding a file that was too large to upload. This week we're going to look at how to increase the maximum upload size in SharePoint 2013. Let's take a look.


Okay, so the first thing we are going to see is the error message telling you that the file size is too large to upload. So, we're going to fix that by going into manage web applications. We are going to find the 'web application', click on it and then we're going to go up to general settings. In general settings, we are going to go down to the maximum upload size. We are going to go ahead and change this to 250 MB. You can go up to two GB, but remember the higher you go more strain on the server. And we're going to save this.

Now we're going to go to Windows Explorer and find the web.config file for this specific web application. You'll find it in the www root, and you can see the strong up here. You're going to open up the web.configu file, normally you want to make a backup of this but I'm a dare devil. So, you're going to go to HTTP runtime, and we're going to actually highlight this and put in a new string. Here you can see here we have an execution time out in seconds and the max length of the size. We've made it two GB. You can pause here and you can take a look at this if you'd like.

Now we're going to go back into the web application, pick a new document and we're going to pick a file from browsing that I know we've actually made 85 megabyte. So we're going to go in and show you that. See, 85 MB, its more than the original 50. Going to go ahead and open, okay, and we'll let it upload. Now we should be able to see it here. There it is! Success! We can go back up to library, and go over to open with Explorer, which you've seen in an earlier video. You can see that the file here is 87,040 KB or 85 MB. All right, and that is how you increase the size. If you have any questions about the actual ULS error that we're talking about from last week, check out last week's episode.


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