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How to Remotely Access Your Server

Joe Knows Support

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How to Remotely Access Your Server


Hi! This is Joe with and you're watching Joe Knows Support. You're probably wondering how you got here. You're in that part of YouTube again. Yup! All started with cat videos didn't it, or you went to your browser and typed in something like balding attractive old guys, and you got me. "Order up!" Oh, a ticket's in. All right let's see what we got. How do I access my server? We hear this a lot. Well, you do that with an RDP session. Does anyone know what RDP stands for? “Remote Desktop Protocol!” Right! Remote Desktop Protocol. How do you get to there?


Alright, you go right into your Start button, and you search for 'remote desktop'. You're going to type that in and you're going to get remote desktop connection. Click on that. Then you're going to come up to this box. Put in an IP, the IP that you're looking for. Click on Connect, and you're going type in your username and password. Once you're here, it's going to log you right in. Click on 'Yes'. We're in! Now we jumped outta there real quick because of all the government information.

One more thing could happen when you're RDP-ing in. There could be too many connections. You'll get an error that says that there are too many users are connected to this server. There's a way to get in with a third connection. You just go down to your search box there and type in MSTSC space forward-slash admin; it will create a third connection. Once you're here, you'll get this. You can go back in and login just like we did before.


Now, the key thing here is once you're done make sure you log out because that takes up all three connections. That's another ticket served.

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