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How to Setup Incoming Email for Lists and Libraries in SharePoint 2010

Joe Knows Support

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How to Setup Incoming Email for Lists and Libraries in SharePoint 2010


Hi! I'm Joe with and you're watching Joe Knows Support. Today we're going to see how to setup incoming on an email list in SharePoint 2010, and to do that I'm going to prove that I actually know support by bringing in Elough, one of our famous bloggers. Eric, let's see how this works. Ok, all right, let's take a look.


So first, we'll want to navigate to central administration as you can see here we're going to go to System Settings, and then configure incoming email. There we are. Now not much to do here, we're just going to simply ensure that this is checked 'yes' and enter our email domain. All other settings we can leave as default. These settings are subjective so you can set them basically according your company's policies. Now next, we're actually going to go to the site itself. All right as you can see, I have a test list here. First, we need to go to list settings by clicking on the list, we're going to click the 'Library' tab, and then head on over to library settings. From here, we need to click 'incoming email settings', which will only be available on the appropriate list types. Here again we can leave most of the settings as default, we do need to ensure that 'Yes' is selected. Give our e-mail address and name. Again, most these settings will be subjective to your organization's needs. I do prefer to save original email. Click 'OK' and we now have a list ready to receive incoming email. Just to show you what that looks like, here's a few emails that have arrived at this list.


And, that's how it's done. And that's another ticket served.

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