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How to Sign in as a different User in SharePoint 2013

Joe Knows Support

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How to Sign in as a different User in SharePoint 2013


Hi, I'm Joe with and you're watching Joe Knows Support. Today we're going to see how to sign in as a different user in SharePoint 2013, and to do that I'm going to bring in one of our famous bloggers Steve. Come on in buddy! How you doing? Good, good! So, what we're going to do is sign in to the computer.


So you get signed into your site, and we see up here that you are signed as John Doe, yourself, you will notice that there is not an option to sign in as a different user as there was in previous versions of SharePoint. So, what you want to do is modify the URL. Now Microsoft has an article on this that tells you that you can put this directory in. You will see though that this site URL needs to be your site URL. So let's go ahead and modify that. You will see that we've got our site, we'll change the back side here and add the path to open sign in as a different user. Take a moment there to copy that if you need it. In a second you'll get your authentication box, and let's sign in as our other user. It's going to be our domain slash Jane Doe. Put your password in and there you go. You'll see that you're back on site and there's our new user. Again, no sign is as a different user button.


And that's how it's done. Now there is also a TechNet article on this, which will be posted right here. That's another ticket served.

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