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How to Use Explorer View in SharePoint

Joe Knows Support

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How to Use Explorer View in SharePoint


Hi, I'm Joe with and you're watching Joe Knows Support. Let's see we got coming in today. “Order Up!” Ah, Explorer View! Like this, or like this, or like this…probably not. You're probably talking about on the computer, so let's go ahead and see how you use explorer view.


All right, so we're going to go ahead and go to our SharePoint site. We're going to log in with our credentials. So go ahead and put in your username and put in your password. You'll be in your SharePoint Site. In your SharePoint site go down to shared documents, right down here. Click on that and go to your library settings. In library settings, we are going to go over to 'Open with Explorer'. A security warning will pop up and ask if you sure you want to do this, go ahead and allow this. Now, this is the explore view, like you see in your home here. So go ahead on your own desktop, so go ahead and click on 'your documents'. Pick a file or files. You can copy multiple over. Hit the backspace to take you back to shared documents, and actually right click and paste. It's pretty simple. It's actually just going to put it right there for you. Now it is here, but we don't see it up here in the SharePoint site. So close this out and refresh your page. You will see that your file is there.


That's how you use explorer view, now if you're having some trouble with it we do have a fix, possibly, for you. Try this right here, this could help you with that. Also, this is only a function available in IE and lastly this is the fastest method to upload multiple files to your library. Pretty good. And that is another ticket served!

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