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How to Use the Recycle Bin from a SharePoint Administrators Standpoint

Joe Knows Support

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How to Use the Recycle Bin from a SharePoint Administrators Standpoint


Hi, this is Matt Tucker from the Support team. In this video will be looking at the recycling bin, and how it works from the administrative stand point.


You can find this this recycling bin under site contents. As you can see it is empty. Let's go ahead and go back. First there will be a test document we will be deleting. This one here. Extend this out. Are you sure, yes. Once it is deleted, let's go find it in the recycling bin.

Back to site contents, go to the recycling bin, and there is our test document. To prepare we will be moving it out of this recycling bin. Are you sure, yes. Alright, the file looks like it's gone. Let's go ahead and try to find this file. You can find this file by going to Site Settings, and under Site Collection Administrator, there's another recycling bin. In here, we can see that the file is not here. It's been removed from the end user recycling bin. But, if we go to 'Been Deleted From End-User Recycling Bin' we can see that the file is gone.

There's our test document, let's go ahead and just remove it. It is going to give us a warning stating that in 30 days, it would have been removed anyways, but alright we are just going to remove it now.

So, we will hit okay and the file will be permanently from the site. As you can see, it is gone.


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