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How to Use ULS Viewer

Joe Knows Support

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How to Use ULS Viewer


Hi, I'm Joe with and you're watching Joe Knows Support. Today we're going to look at ULS viewer and see how it works.


Okay to troubleshoot using ULS, we're going to open up ULS viewer on the server. Go ahead and click on 'run', and we're going to go over here. Go to file and go down to open the ULS. Then click on 'OK', and get that guy running.

Now over here in SharePoint, which I have up on this left window, is going to be where we're going to cause an error. So, this area is going to be to a file that's too big to upload. So, I'm going to go ahead and try to do that now. I have a test file here. I'm going to upload that to SharePoint, it's not going to work. We're going to have that actually error out here in just a second. Okay and it gave me a correlation ID error. So I'm going to take that correlation ID and go back over to the ULS log viewer, and I'm going to open that column up for correlation ID. Actually what I can do is maximize this view on this viewer here.

Now I'm going to search for that specific correlation ID, and as I find it here I will be able to click on it and highlight it. See, here it is. Now double click on it, and it will open up in a new window. In the top line is the definition. So I can see here that it tells me the specified file is larger than a maximum supported file size.

And now you see how to use the ULS viewer to actually identify a correlation ID error. In this case, it was a file size too big. Next week we'll talk about you can correct something like that.


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