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What to do when you run out of storage space on your server

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What to do when you run out of storage space on your server


Hi, I'm Joe with and you are watching Joe Knows Support. I'm filling in today for Paul Giamatti, who's on tour today on a Joe Knows Support press junket. Anyway, let's see what we got coming in today. "Order Up!" Ah, checking out storage on my server, trying to see were all my space is being taken up. There is a really good tool for that called WinDirStat. Let's take a look at it.


What we're going to do is go out to get WinDirStat. So, to do that go to Google or whatever your browser that you love so much and type in because it's Winderful. From here you are going to go up to download permalinks. At the top is going to give you the option to download it, if that doesn't work, down here underneath is the list of official downward mirrors. You can actually do it from here.

Once you get it downloaded, which we already do, we're going to go to our start button. You can click on that, and we're just going to type in WinDirStat. You're going to pull up that program. I'm actually click on the 'C Drive' today and actually show you what it does. What it's doing is going out and it's grabbing all the information on where my storage is being taking up. Hey, there's Pac-man. That's so fun!

Alright, so it looks like a big blue-block, but if you go back up you will actually see that it color codes exactly what different file types there. Well, they're system files .sys, that's what's taking up all my space. It's actually going to show you what file or what folders are actually under. So as you click through here you'll see. Now from this point, you can actually decide what you want to do. If you want to delete, remove, or just leave them the way they are, that's up to you. But, this is a great tool to find out where your storage is going.


Alright, and that is how you use WinDirStat. And that is another ticket served.

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