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What To Do When Your RAM Utilization is High

Joe Knows Support

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What To Do When Your RAM Utilization is High


Hi I'm Joe with and you're watching Joe Knows Support. Let's see what we got coming in today. "Order Up!" Ah, there's a ticket now. Ah, RAM utilization going really high, through the roof. Let's see what we can do about that. Well, you know the best thing to do is an IIS reset. What does IIS stand for? "Internet Information Services!" Excellent, internet information services. Now we are going to reset it. Speaking of resets, aren't their things in life you wish you could just reset? Like your high school photos. I love the 80s! Anyway, let's get back to it.


So, you going to go to your start, go to run, type in cmd for command-line box. Once you're here, you really literally type in IIS reset, all one word: IISRESET. Hit enter, and find out what it means to me!


And, we're back! This process may take 1 to 2 minutes to go through. Didn't feel like making you wait. So, basically what's going to happen is its going to bring your RAM way down and you're going to get back into control over server.


Now if this has to happen, if you have to do this say two, three times a week, over and over, week-over-week. Probably need to look at getting more RAM for your server. But, it fixes it, you're on your way! And that is another ticket served!

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