SSL Support

Troubleshoot SSL issues with your hosting service

What is an SSL?
An SSL certificate enables your website to activate the browser's "LOCK" icon, indicating data will be protected from interception or tampering using secure sockets layer (SSL) encrypting technology. It assures your on-line visitors of safety and security for sending credit card account numbers and other confidential information over the Internet.

How do I test that my SSL certificate is working?

In your Web Browser URL bar, type: The "s" that follows http causes the SSL to run. If you receive an error, for instance, "Cannot Find Server" then either your SSL is not working properly or not installed. If you have an SSL certificate with us and are experiencing this problem, contact technical support as soon as possible and we can assist you.

How do I secure the check out process of my shopping cart?

You will need to refer to the documentation for your shopping cart as each cart can do it differently from another.

How do I secure a web page using my SSL certificate?

If you created an order page with your web development tool, like DreamWeaver or Expression, and the page file name is orderpage.htm, then anytime you want to hyperlink to that order page from another page within your website (for example we will use you would use this entire web address to link to that page: Then, when someone clicks on your order page link it will cause the SSL to run and encrypt any information that the person submits to you via the order page. It is vital you properly understand how this works and that you do it correctly because if done incorrectly someone would be sending information, like credit card details, that someone could intercept and use for unlawful purposes.

I have a shared SSL as part of my hosting plan. How do I use that?

Your use will depend on whether it is for a shopping cart or a web page (like the order page example noted above). It is recommended that you contact technical support for assistance with a shared SSL.

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