How to create a SharePoint Wiki or Blog

SharePoint comes with a number of pre-installed Workspaces you can easily activate within the SharePoint interface. Among these are Wikis and Blogs. A wiki is useful tool for brainstorming and collaboration, designed to compile detailed descriptions, information, links, and images. A blog is similar to an online journal, where a user can post ideas, observations, stories or expertise on which others can comment. Below you will find instructions on how to create either a wiki or blog on your SharePoint site.

  1. Log into SharePoint as a user with Administrator privileges
  2. Click Site Actions and then click Create
  3. Under Web Pages click Sites and Workspaces
  4. Enter the Title, Description, and URL for your Wiki or Blog
  5. Choose a Wiki, Blog, or any other template that catches your fancy.
  6. Fill out the rest of your preferences for the navigation and functionality.
  7. Finish entering your preferences and click Create.

For more help, see our SharePoint Tutorial Video on How to Create a Wiki Site and How to Create a Blog Site.