Installing Web Parts in SharePoint Portal 2003


Please Note: no longer supports SharePoint Portal Server (a.k.a. SharePoint 2001 & SharePoint 2003 editions). However, we continue to main a Support Archive of online help resources & support articles.

To install Web Parts created by Microsoft:

  1. Click on the Web Part link to download. The links to Microsoft® Web Parts will call up a self-executing zipped file.
  2. A download dialogue box will appear, asking whether you want to run the application from its existing location or save it.
  3. Select "Run this Program from its current location."
  4. Select "Yes" to agree to the security warning. All Microsoft Web Parts have been certified by Microsoft® for the safety of its content.
  5. Unzip the Web Part file to a desired location.
  6. Import into SharePoint Portal Server. From your dashboard, select Content -> Import a Web Part File. Browse and select the Web Part file, which will have a ".dwp" file extension. Subdirectory files will automatically import with the Web Part.

Note If you change the file location of the Web Part before importing into a digital dashboard, you must move all related subdirectory files with the .dwp file.

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