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Come Prepared: What to Bring to the Cloud Conversation

Presented by Chris Schwab and Jesse Roche on December 12th, 2013 at 11am EST

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Prefer to read what's in the video? See below for the transcript:

Come Prepared: What to Bring to the Cloud Conversation

This webinar is an opportunity to hear from the cloud hosting experts about how you should approach a hosting provider when you’re ready to take the cloud conversation to the next level. Whether you've just started the cloud conversation at work, or you're ready to map out an environment with a hosting provider, there's some stuff you need to know first.

What’s in this Fpwebinar?

  • Examine current environment (if applicable)
  • Amount of users
  • Custom development level
  • Budget and go live date
  • Current data size and expected data growth
  • Licensing

Who is this webinar for?

  • Businesses that are heading in the cloud direction
  • Businesses looking to outsource some or all of the process
  • Organizations that need a custom environment
  • Anyone who wants to get the most return on their investment
  • Companies that are looking for a cloud preparation checklist

Do you already have an environment set up? If so, this is your starting point for being able to architect an environment. If you haven’t set one up yet, now is the time to determine what you’re trying to accomplish with SharePoint.

First, we look at your amount of users:

  • How many users are going to be accessing the site and where are they coming from?
  • Are all users internal? Are some external?
  • Will the site have anonymous access?
  • Do you need to lock it down with a VPN tunnel?

Regarding Custom Development:

Is that development work being done by your team or do you need assistance?

Next, we look at the Budget and Go-Live Date:

These typically involve “salesy” questions but they are necessary to determine if we are a good fit or if we need to recommend another company.

How much data do you have?

If you know exactly how much data you currently have, this will allow us to make sure that ample storage is available.

How much do you expect your data to grow?

Thanks to the scalability of the cloud, you will always have room to grow. For this reason, it’s important to not pay more than you need until you need it.

Then we look at licensing:

Do you have current licensing? Do you need it? Who can help you understand it?

Six different ways to prepare for a cloud environment:

  • Examine current environment
  • Determine amount of users needed
  • Establish custom development level
  • Determine budget and go-live date
  • Establish data size and expected growth
  • Examine your Licensing needs

As always, the most important thing you can do is ask questions and educate yourself to the process. Consultations are free and the more you know, the better off your environment will be from the start.

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