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Securing SharePoint in the Legal Industry

Presented by Jill Kunkel and Peter Nuffer on August 28th, 2014 at 11am EST

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Prefer to read what's in the video? See below for the transcript:

Securing SharePoint in the Legal Industry

Accusoft, a document and collaboration partner, joins in a special partner webinar to discuss e-discovery and streamlining collaboration in the legal industry. From rights management, security of documents, protection of content through redaction, and easily enabling collaboration using secure, web-based delivery, this partner webinar is a must see for law firms or organizations dealing with sensitive data.

Accusoft’s Prizm Content Connect SharePoint Document Viewer offers a feature-rich, secure way to handle rights management and security of documents, protection of content through redaction, and enabling collaboration using those principles of secure, web based delivery to any device, on any browser, for any format, with nothing to install.

What’s in this Fpwebinar?

This webinar will address the challenges like compliance, searchability, and accessibility that arise in this industry and explain how SharePoint can be used as a robust solution for securing your legal documents including client matters, case information and Virtual Room repositories.

  • IT Challenges in the Legal Industry
  • Opportunities for IT
  • Meeting the Needs of Your Stakeholders
  • Rights Management and Security of Documents
  • Protection of Content through Redaction
  • Secure Collaboration in Practice

Challenges that Organizations are up against:

Legal organizations deal with a tremendous amount of information and documents from a number of different sources.

  • Compliance
  • Information Security
  • Document Formats
  • Ability to search documents
  • Ease of Access for Collaboration

Opportunities with SharePoint:

SharePoint is quickly becoming a great way to facilitate electronic storage of client matters, case information, and Virtual Data Room repositories.

  • Centralized
  • Web Accessible
  • Search Enabled

Meeting Needs of all your Stakeholders:

SharePoint out of the box can still fall short.

Users want:

  • Collaboration with no little or no effort
  • Fast access – no downloading, finding the right application.
  • Mobile access

Admins and Owners want:

  • Security that is easy to administer but robust.
  • To avoid having to install applications for specialized file format
  • Easily enable users easily use mobile without opening security pitfalls

Let’s look at a case study:

This involves a company working with Merger and Acquisition deal room VDR (Virtual Data Room). The problem: Securing their SharePoint site was standard, but the documents continued to be a weak point. Documents had to be secured, and certain content had to be removed from the contents of the documents. Viewing required downloading. When they investigated Office Web Apps in conjunction with Rights Management Server to lock documents in the browser, complexity would have significantly increased, while still only address Office documents and PDFs and still did not address having redacted renditions of the documents.

Here’s how Accusoft helped our client:

We implemented a secure architecture for their VDR with a focus on:

  • Secure Collaboration
  • Universal, No Headache Access
  • Easy Administration

In conclusion, SharePoint is a powerful platform for business collaboration and Accusoft’s Prizm Content Connect SharePoint Document Viewer creates a secure collaboration portal from any device with easy administration and makes it easy for your users to adopt.

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