The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Rapid Deployment for Cloud Hosting

Rapid Deployment

Nevermind money spent ordering parts and time spent piecing them, the Cloud is installed remotely and, with the flip of a switch, is implemented and ready to boost your business!

Cloud Backups and Recovery

Data Recovery

Backups and disaster recovery plans protect your business and can be implemented quickly in the Cloud. Business Continuity plans replicate your data offsite with the Cloud because, in the event of a disaster, you don’t get a second recovery chance.

Cloud Hosting Performance

Performance and Reliability

Build your environment in the shape of your business. Enjoy increased storage and scalability in the Cloud with a reliable network that's fast and highly available, making sure your sites are running at top speed no matter where they're being accessed.

Cloud Savings

Incredible Savings

SharePoint Cloud Hosting makes it easy to lower your cost of operations, strengthen your return on investment and bring the focus back to your business. Predictable monthly billing makes budgeting simple and removes the financial concerns surrounding maintenance, security, backups and even staffing.

Refocus IT with Cloud Hosting

Refocus your IT

Your IT staff can forget about maintenance and focus on innovation. The Cloud's highly automated services make it easy to focus on business needs rather than worry about implementations and upkeep. With the Cloud’s resources, your IT team's objective becomes the efficiency of your core business.

Security in the Cloud

Ironclad Security

Our world-class Data Center's security strategy not only protects your data, but also complies with multiple competencies like HIPAA and PCI. By utilizing our state-of-the-art cyber and physical security measures, your business enjoys the same data protection that typically only major corporations can afford.

accessibility of the cloud

Everywhere, All the time

Access information from anywhere in the world. The Cloud stores data and software online, allowing remote online access when you're working out of the office. Use your laptop, desktop or phone to collaborate on documents with co-workers throughout the world, including simultaneous viewing and real-time edits.