The Difference Between Office 365 &

Simply put: Full functionality and full control at full power.

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Private Cloud SharePoint

Office 365 (SharePoint Online) is a good fit for many users who need basic SharePoint functionality, but’s Private Cloud SharePoint Hosting takes it several steps forward for those who need more.

Go above and beyond extends Office 365's functionality to provide full administrative control with server-side code and remote server access. Enjoy full feature parity with an on-premises deployment plus the inherent cost savings of the cloud.

Check out the functionality differences between both services: Office 365
Business Intelligence
SSRS, PowerPivot, PerformancePoint
Search Driven Websites
Business Connectivity for LOB data integration
Central Administration Access
Server-side APIs
Greatly reduces platform's extensibility & ability
Production Internet website capabilities
Full administrative control over your SharePoint infrastructure
Financially-backed, 100% Uptime SLA
Active directory integration over VPN or ADFS
Compliant-Ready SharePoint farms with isolated data and network communication
Disaster recovery backups are handled for you
Cost effective solutions based on your requirements
Provide or reuse current Microsoft SharePoint licensing
SharePoint Relationship Manager
6 Minute Ticket Response