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Sometimes your Cloud endorsement may not be enough to flip the switch, so be your company's SharePoint Hero and convince your boss!

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Top Reasons Your Business NEEDS the SharePoint Cloud:



Total server control in your private cloud means 100% customizable SharePoint. It's a level of control other hosting providers typically don't deliver. Log into your server and enjoy full parity SharePoint that can be customized for any third party apps you desire. With full server access, you retain control of everything from licensing to integrations to scalability.



Cloud security is proven to be stronger, smarter, more cost effective and easier to ensure compliances for enterprises. data centers employ an aggressive security strategy that starts with cybersecurity and ends with physical security. Having your servers where you can see them doesn't guarantee security. Enjoy enterprise security in the Cloud that's typically only utilized by major corporations.

First Aid Kit


Everyone needs a backup plan. develops a Business Continuity Plan to meet your company's Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) that spins your data back up in the case of a disaster. You don't get a second chance at recovery so make the right decision with the right company the first time.

Spinning Arrows

Reliability's high availability network is designed to keep your site running. We make it easy to rely on our fast network by backing it up with a financially-backed, 100% uptime Service Level Agreement guarantee. Give your business the uptime-driven network it deserves.



Powerful performance starts with's SQL Server expertise. Our database admins design and build your SQL with best practices and the latest performance-tuning techniques, leaving you with a SharePoint infrastructure tailor made for performance. Enjoy a SharePoint environment built to your specific needs, performing beyond your expectations.



Place our talent on your team and increase your IT's technical agility with a company that is 100% SharePoint. We remove the burden of managing SharePoint and let you focus on applications and business strategy. As Microsoft® Gold Certified Partners,'s experts provide consultations and support to help you combat any SharePoint issues.



Over the last decade our Microsoft® certified engineers have built countless SharePoint farms while encountering and resolving every imaginable SharePoint issue. Our SharePoint experts rapidly present a solution that keeps your business moving and growing. Our SharePoint experience is matched by our dedication - we've been around for 16 years and were the first to ever host SharePoint.


Customer Care employs a specialized team with a clear mission to make sure all customers are looked after. Our friendly Customer Care Team answers your call personally so you don't have to deal with automated annoyances. Our SharePoint Relationship Managers act as the customer advocate in technical or billing matters. At, our dedication to the customer has you covered.

Piggy Bank

Cost Savings

Enjoy true SharePoint savings by mitigating your licensing costs, maintenance, upkeep, upgrades and overall IT costs. Flexible payment plans remove any worry about equipment failures or surprise costs and make it easy to budget for the supplemental IT help and managed, dedicated private servers.’s SharePoint Cloud is designed to aggressively save your business time and money.


Trusted Advisor

After your SharePoint environment is built and deployed, we stay on the job as your Trusted SharePoint Advisor, handling questions or recommending the software or integrators needed to build solutions or develop apps. We can introduce you to trusted 3rd party vendors who help you see your SharePoint projects through to the end. Rest easy knowing that's diligent SharePoint support is a phone call, a tweet, or an email away.

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