10 Ways That SharePoint 2016 Helps Businesses Solve Problems

The universal theme of today’s working world is doing more with less. It can be found in hospitals, enterprises of all sizes, and practically everywhere you turn. Oftentimes, businesses are constantly searching for ways to improve collaboration, communication, and business workflow while finding a solution that’s both easy to manage and maintains proper IT governance.

That’s where SharePoint comes into play. Businesses have been turning to SharePoint 2016 and its predecessors to help them solve a laundry list of problems, which in turn also helps end-users within the company collaborate much more easily in the cloud.

Here are 10 common business problems with proven SharePoint solutions that businesses rely on daily:

*Need to find a way to track service requests? Set up a help desk solution.

*Build a modest project management system to keep everyone on the same page.

*Design a scheduling system to manage resources.

*Create a site in order to support geographically dispersed teams.

*Employ a course registration system.

*Build a learning center with training classes and resources to increase understanding and efficiency.

*Design a team blog platform to allow end-users to review any pertinent content.

*Create a process to coordinate request for proposal (RFP) responses.

*Set up an FAQ system to help users find the answers that they need quickly.

*Implement a cost-effective contact management system.
While SharePoint has been providing several solutions to business woes worldwide for years, SharePoint 2016 will give end-users even more solutions. For instance, in SharePoint 2016 you will be able to choose your own platform, which has cloud “built-in” to make integration and access to the data you need faster and easier. This is only one of the many incredible improved solutions that you will experience when you get SharePoint 2016 for your business.

The next version of SharePoint is almost here, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wait until release date to find out how SharePoint 2016 will factor into your business and environment. Check out our exclusive demo of SharePoint 2016 here to see for yourself!

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