12 questions answered about MS Premier Support alternatives

A recent webinar Fpweb.net had about Microsoft Premier Support alternatives generated some great questions during and since then. These answers to those questions are helpful if you’re considering Microsoft Premier Support services cost savings.

Are health checks done remotely, or on site?

We have done both. We can establish a secure connection into your farm, or we can send some of our top engineers to your site so that they can spend a few days looking at things on-premises. It’s usually more efficient for everyone involved to do these via remote access, so that is much more common.

Do you have any testimonials from customers using this service?

We have several testimonials from customers on our website.

Are the support engineers based in the U.S. and/or English as a first language?

Yes. Fpweb.net is ITAR certified and all our staff is located in St. Louis.

I do not mind waiting 30 minutes for Microsoft to return my call knowing that I have a qualified individual with access to millions of internal KBs, as well as access to several teams who know the product inside and out. I may get a call back in six minutes, but am I getting the same type of knowledgeable support that Microsoft can offer?

Our folks who get that support request ticket at Fpweb.net will immediately get started on troubleshooting that ticket. They have access to our extensive knowledge base here that has been built up over 20 years of managing Microsoft applications, plus the experience gained from working with so many different kinds of environments.

It’s not an auto-reply within six minutes saying that your request has been received and then three days go by before anyone actually begins working on it. It’s a live person on our staff jumping on it within six minutes.

And if it’s a business critical issue, the difference between six minutes and 30 can be paramount.

How many users can call in?

Customer discretion. Two or three seems to be the norm. Beyond five has historically caused heartache for customers. Our safety protocols require that they must be on the customer’s tech contact or admin list to submit a support request.

Do you cover Active Directory, Directory File Services or Group Policy?

Yes. We’re adding those to the list of products covered on our website right now!

When it comes to resolving issues with the product, how often does Fpweb.net reach out to Microsoft directly?

In 2016, we reached out to Microsoft directly for .004 percent of customer support requests.

So for every 200 issues we have one that needs Microsoft assistance to resolve – typically a code or patch update. Not something we can fix.

The pricing you have for MS seems to be different then my contract with MS?

We find that MS Premier Support contracts vary greatly by customer like Enterprise Agreements (EA). In most cases, customers are overpaying either in actual rate or the level of support/responsiveness.

Products supported, engineer expertise level, response time, native language, and total MS spend are variables that can affect MS Premier Support contracts.

In general, we find that customers switching from MS Premier Support to Fpweb save between 30-45%.

We are confident we can deliver equal or better service while saving customers MS support dollars that they can put into more important areas of the company.

Why would I use Fpweb.net for Microsoft support instead of Microsoft?

Fpweb.net engineers are exposed to more diverse environments and problems than most Microsoft engineers. Our guys and gals support 1,500 customized server farms. No two are alike. We fix more problems in the first 30 days after a product release than anyone else on the planet.

The cost savings is significant. Since we grow all our engineers, we can scale and serve you more efficiently. Most customers save anywhere from 30-45% annually.

Faster response times don’t hurt either.

Do you have any leverage with Microsoft to get bugs fixed faster?

It depends. We do have direct access to development teams at Microsoft and if there is a truly urgent matter Microsoft will listen and respond. But Microsoft is also a business. Repairing bugs is about volume and risk. How many people (measured in revenue) are having the issue and how much risk is there to damaging to Microsoft brand by not repairing it sooner than later?

Our promise is that we will truly care about delivering exceptional support to your team and will advocate daily on your behalf with Microsoft.

Do I still get a dedicated Technical Account Manager?

Microsoft only provides a dedicated Technical Account Manager in its top two Premier Support plans, and shared Technical Account Manager in all of its other plans.

Fpweb.net provides a dedicated Technical Account Manager, and a dedicated engineer, in its top three plans.

Do I still need my Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft?

That is a question for you, your CIO and CFO. Some companies are finding they can drastically reduce their Microsoft bill by dropping EA and buying/renting only what they truly consume and outsourcing their Microsoft support services to a third party provider like Fpweb.net.

Visit fpweb.net/managed-services/premier-support for more information about Fpweb’s alternative to Microsoft Premier Support and fill out this form, email [email protected], or call 866-780-4678 to get started.

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