15 Questions About Migrating to SharePoint 2016 Answered

SharePoint is here to stay. Businesses looking to increase their collaboration, sharpen their efficiency, and save time in their daily operations will not be disappointed with SharePoint 2016. Microsoft has confirmed that there are more versions for on-premises customers coming.

The SharePoint experts at fpweb.net did a webinar recently about migrating to SharePoint 2016 and have compiled their answers to all of the great questions received.

  1. How long will my migration take?

It really varies because each migration is different. The time and intricacies involved depend on the size and contents of each farm.

  1. Can I migrate my on-premises farm to a hosting provider?

Absolutely. Our engineering team would take a look at the scope of the project and put together a migration plan, but it is not an issue at all. Fpweb.net has done that countless times for customers.

  1. What is the alternative for foundation version in SharePoint 2016?

Aside from staying on SharePoint 2013 Foundation, Office 365 is a great alternative for budget-conscious users.

  1. What difference in service do you provide when compared to other vendors like Metalogix, etc.?

We have the ability to perform manual migrations and also use a majority of the third-party tools such as Metalogix and Sharegate. We are essentially a one-stop shop.

  1. I use BCS to backend our database. Will I be able to move it to a hosted environment?

Easy answer? Yes. We would need to discuss specifics to determine what your exact needs are here, but this is definitely a possibility.

  1. Do workflows migrate well from 2010 to 2016?

Out of the Box (OOTB) and SharePoint Designer (SPD) workflows typically migrate seamlessly. Nintex workflows require a bit of a manual migration similar to the SharePoint content migration. Third-party tools such as Metalogix and Sharegate have the ability to migrate OOTB, SPD, and Nintex.

  1. What is the Windows server version required for SharePoint 2016? Any other pre-requisites?

Windows Server 2012 R2 or greater is required. SQL Server 2014 SP1 or greater, or SQL Server 2016 when available. Regarding hybrid – you have the ability to integrate Office 365 sites with SharePoint. This also includes OneDrive. View sites on Office 365 while on your on-premises farm. You also have the ability to search your on-premises SharePoint content directly from Office 365.

  1. Can we migrate directly from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016?

Only with third-party products such as Metalogix, Sharegate, AvePoint, etc.

  1. If we have some web parts deployed in SharePoint 2007/2010/2013, then will those web parts migrate into SharePoint 2016?

It depends on the web part itself. If it’s third party, then you will need to check with the vendor for a compatible version. If it’s custom code, then it may need to be updated.

  1. Can we migrate Lotus Notes to SharePoint 2016?

Third party tools are the best ways to accomplish this. Here’s a link that provides a bit more detail.

  1. Did you say that SQL 2014 or above is required?

Yes, SQL Server 2014 SP1 or greater is required to migrate to SharePoint 2016. SQL Server 2016 will also work when available.

  1. What additional things do we need to configure manually when migrating from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016? Which third-party tool do you prefer?

Each migration is its own animal. Assuming a standard out-of-the-box SharePoint farm, all that really needs to be configured is the new 2016 source environment with web applications and service applications provisioned and created.

  1. Can you migrate to Microsoft Office 365? Do you recommend this as a way to use SharePoint?

Yes, we can migrate to Office 365. Office 365 will address many needs, but many companies also need the control and scalability that comes with the on-premises version. Office 365 comes with much more than just SharePoint, so it essentially comes down to SharePoint online vs. SharePoint on-premises.

  1. Migration for free? Really? Any conditions apply?

If you trust the SharePoint experts at fpweb.net to manage your SharePoint environment, then we’ll perform your migration to SharePoint 2016 for free. If you are a current hosted customer, then we can perform your migration to SharePoint 2016 for free. If you are currently a customer on-premises looking to move to hosting, then we can perform your migration to SharePoint 2016 for free. If you are an on-premises SharePoint farm that is looking to stay on-premises, but needs help from fpweb.net to manage that farm or provide support, then we’ll do your migration for free.

  1. Is migrating SharePoint 2010 on-premises to hosted SharePoint 2016 covered under the free offer?

Absolutely! Please contact us to discuss details.

Leave a comment with any additional questions about migrating to SharePoint 2016, send us an email, give us a call at 866-780-4678 or 636-600-8960, or start a chat with us on our website. Trust the SharePoint experts at fpweb.net to manage your SharePoint environment, and we’ll perform your migration to SharePoint 2016 for free! Fill out this quick form to get started.

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