15 questions answered about business problems solved by SharePoint

The SharePoint experts at fpweb.net did a webinar recently about the top business problems solved by SharePoint 2016 that expanded on an earlier blog post. The webinar generated several great questions from the participants that we transcribed to share.

  1. If we have workflows setup in SharePoint 2010, will those continue to work after upgrading to SharePoint 2016?

Yes. A majority of the SharePoint Designer and Nintex created workflows should migrate seamlessly from 2010 to 2016.

  1. Can all of these platforms mentioned be created with standard SharePoint features, or are third-party solutions required?

All of the examples we described throughout the webinar can be done with out of the box SharePoint features. Some additional software, such as Office Web App Server or Office Online Server, may need to be installed for more advanced features and reporting, but those are just add-ons to SharePoint.

  1. If we migrate our existing SharePoint 2013 on-premises environment to Office 365, will our project management and reporting system still function properly?

Yes. With power BI and Project already being incorporated with many editions of Office 365, those systems should migrate without any issues as well.

  1. Since Microsoft will stop supporting InfoPath, is there any out of the box option in SharePoint 2016 to customize forms?

Microsoft has actually extended the support of InfoPath 2013, and it can be used in SharePoint 2016 for the foreseeable future.

  1. Are there any demo implementations?

Fpweb.net is currently offering demo servers for SharePoint 2016.

  1. Are these things easy to implement in SharePoint 2016, or can SharePoint 2013 do these things too?

All features we talked about in the webinar can be done on both 2013 and 2016.

  1. Does an extranet system require outside vendors to register, or can it be an anonymous site?

Either. It can be an anonymous site, or you can set up authentication for external users.

  1. In the webinar are we looking at both out of the box solutions and fpweb.net solutions?

All out of the box solutions. These are not unique to fpweb.net or our development team.

  1. How is security handled for extranet and intranet users?

You can either create all users in AD or implement other authentication providers such as ADFS, forms-based, etc.

  1. Are these things that can be done over a multi-tenant environment?

Yes and no. It depends on what you need. Some of the sites we showed can be done without access to Central Administration or the SharePoint server.

  1. What are the benefits that one gains by upgrading from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016?

Check out this infographic with the top 10 reasons to upgrade to SharePoint 2016 that Joel Oleson helped us put together, a webinar we did with him, and another webinar we had about what’s new with SharePoint 2016.

  1. Can we migrate directly from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016?

Yes. With a third-party tool you have the ability to skip versions.

  1. Are there any issues moving from 2007 SharePoint?

If you do not have a third-party migration tool, you would need to migrate to SharePoint 2010, then migrate to SharePoint 2013, and then migrate to SharePoint 2016.

  1. Can you synchronize the contact list to Outlook?

Yes. You can sync contacts, tasks, calendars, document libraries, etc. to Outlook

  1. If we have a custom application page, would you migrate service support this scenario?

We would need to review your custom application page to determine what options we have regarding the migration, but fpweb.net has handled thousands of custom migrations.

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