3 Serious Benefits of the Private Cloud and What It Means to Your Bottom Dollar

Right now in the business world, it’s all about the cloud. If you’re not working in the cloud right now, you might be wondering what all of the hubbub is about. As you might have heard, the cloud is the way of the future and perfect for companies of all shapes and sizes to use. However, you should note that not clouds are the same.

Whenever a company decides to move their processes, data, and applications into a cloud infrastructure, they need to determine whether a public or private cloud would be the best for their unique situation. Companies must consider how critical the data and applications are to their businesses and must keep in mind any regulatory or data protection requirements that are relevant. While the public cloud is a great way for companies to dip their toes in and get started, the private cloud provides so much more.

Here are 3 benefits that companies will experience when they switch to private cloud services:

*Secure Private Infrastructure – One huge advantage of the private cloud is the increased security that it offers. Your data will sit tightly secured and controlled in protected servers, which can either be managed in-house or by a trusted hosting company. Best of all, no other company can access your data.

*Greater Reliability and Speed – Private clouds are fantastic when it comes to reliability and performance. They provide on-demand availability without the long wait, which means an increase in speed and higher productivity.

*Increased Flexibility and Customization – Private clouds have the amazing ability to be built around large dedicated infrastructures, allowing organizations to install their very own storage hardware and applications. Companies can make the cloud as flexible as they want, tailoring the infrastructure to meet their very specific performance needs.

So what does this mean for you? You can look forward to a dramatic increase in agility and speed, along with a greater ability to reach out to your customers more quickly and more efficiently. You’ll also find that your employees will be able to spend more time focusing on the customer and developing the company. Essentially, since you will experience greater agility gains and significant operational gains, you’re bound to experience cost savings.

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