5 Ways the Fpweb.net Toolkit Improves Your SharePoint Workflow

Today, many organizations are facing the challenge of relocating all or part of their IT infrastructures, along with their business processes and content, to the cloud. SharePoint makes life easier for these organizations by offering multiple ways to create the workflows that help businesses worldwide get their work done. It provides a hybrid workflow that helps corporations of all sizes to take a gradual path to the cloud by combining an organization’s on-premises investments with the flexibility and intuitiveness of the cloud. However, as great as SharePoint is, it also has a few limitations such as the inability to handle data loss after workflow history deletion, troubleshooting difficulties, difficulties in maintaining versions of the workflow, and others. That’s where the Fpweb.net SharePoint Toolkit and Nintex come in.

The Fpweb.net SharePoint Toolkit is made up of the tools you need to make the most of SharePoint 2016. It helps you get things done faster. It helps give your users the best SharePoint experience possible. The toolkit includes webparts, training, and workflow. Fpweb.net has partnered with Nintex to bring you the best workflow in the business.

Nintex has built an incredible product that helps address all of the pain points of SharePoint’s workflows while providing relevant features for any business that is implementing workflows. Better yet, the Nintex workflow design can be completed within your SharePoint user interface, meaning that you don’t need to worry about obtaining a separate client application to install it.

Here are 5 ways that Nintex can simplify your SharePoint workflow:

Intuitive Workflow – No matter what your workflow process is, Nintex can simplify it all. It’s easy to use and intuitive enough that practically everyone can pick it up and navigate the interface with relative ease.

Customization – Nintex has the ability to provide a consistent branding throughout a business via custom-made workflows, which developers can create through CSS.

Plays Well With Others – Perhaps one of the best things about Nintex is the way it integrates and interacts with other platforms that your business uses each day. Nintex can let you connect to your webs service, Excel services, active directory, BizTalk, CRM, BCS, and many others – no code required!

Decreased Troubleshooting – Nintex does a wonderful job at reducing the effort spent in debugging and troubleshooting with log messages. You also have the ability to disable specific workflow actions and branches easily.

Mobile-Friendly – With the recent release of SharePoint 2016, we want our workflows to have the capability to be mobile-friendly. Nintex does just that. Its apps are available for download on your phone so you can take advantage of the workflows anywhere. Also, Nintex’s apps can allow you to access the web-based version if you wish to operate in that manner.

If you’re interested in implementing Nintex in your workflow, we have the answer! Fpweb.net has partnered with Nintex to bring you the leading SharePoint workflow platform. Visit us at www.fpweb.net or call us today at 1-866-780-4678 to learn more!

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