A Look Ahead at the SharePoint Conferences of 2014

SharePoint conferenceHere’s where you’ll find Fpweb.net traveling in the name of SharePoint this year!

As the 2013 event calendar is ingrained to memory and we reflect on yet another successful year, we force ourselves out of the flashback montage to immediately start making plans on what the coming year’s events will bring.

December has always been an interesting month as we all make the mad dash to wrap up end of the year due dates and quick decisions to get the contracts out the door for the coming year.

Here at Fpweb.net, we spent most of the year’s end looking forward to 2014 and making plans for where we need to be.  As a big supporter of the SharePoint Community and conferences alike, each year we take a pretty in-depth look at where we need to be in the coming year to have the right conversations, educate our employees, and snag the best swag Microsoft partners have to offer!

Well, the scramble is over and we’re starting the year with a SharePoint conference playlist that’s full of hits. I don’t know about you, but a few years back it seemed there were about 10 to pick from – this year I spent my time looking into well over 100 SharePoint events!

Since so much time and effort has been put into our game plan, I thought it may be helpful to those SharePoint hunters out there to provide some insight into where we landed….

The top SharePoint conferences to attend in 2014:

March 2-6: Microsoft SharePoint Conference – Las Vegas, NV

Let’s start out with the big-guy: Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas (Just a few weeks shy of March Madness, shucks!).  A biennial conference, this SharePoint bonanza covers anything and everything SharePoint, with big announcements, great speakers, must-talk-to sponsors and sessions for every stage of your SharePoint life. It is a MUST for anyone from the CTO to a first year Admin who touches SharePoint.

April 22-25: SPTechCon West – San Francisco, CA

A much smaller conference, SPTechCon offers you more of a community vibe than explosive amount of information and events. This conference offers more of a personal touch to answer your questions and have more involved conversations with the vendors and colleagues you may have connected with at SPC14.

(Use promo code Fpweb at registration to receive a $200 discount when selecting either 3-Day Conference or 3-Day Conference PLUS Pre-Conference tutorials and entering the sponsor code.)

May 5-7: The Gartner Portals, Content, Collaboration Summit – Los Angeles, CA

Gartner. Enough said?  Maybe not… this conference is exactly what it says it is – an analysis covering the topics of Portals, Content, and Collaboration; a perfect fit for SharePoint.  I like this event because of how protective Gartner is over the no-nonsense (no swag), standardized, up-to-the-minute solid information.

May 12-15: Microsoft TechEd – Houston, TX

TechEd is another great Microsoft event that covers the gambit of all Microsoft offerings.  They go big here typically (it is Texas…) offering more sessions than you can wrap your head around, a huge party on the last day (last year Tina Turner performed!), and a great opportunity to test in multiple different areas; MCP, MCM, MVP.

July 13-17: Microsoft World Partner Conference– Washington DC

World Partner presents the unique opportunity for Microsoft Partners to network and really work their channel opportunities.  We find this an excellent time to not only find new partner opportunities but also keep up-to-date and in touch with all of our Affiliate, Reseller, Technology, and Service Partners.

September 16-19: SPTechCon East – Boston, MA

Same as SPTechCon West, but ummm…. on the East Coast.

Okay, well what if you’re not in the US or just really itching to use that passport? …

Here are some fabulous events we also stand behind abroad:

I hope this helps when planning your SharePoint Conference schedule in 2014.

If you have any events we may have missed or any specific SharePoint event questions, please be sure to leave them in the comments below.  Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter as we share promo codes and sometimes even free passes (which can run a pretty penny these days) to these events!

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  1. Mike Smith January 5, 2014 at 4:22 pm - Reply

    The SharePoint Summit Toronto site shows a slightly different date: May 26-28

  2. Peter Cartier January 7, 2014 at 1:23 pm - Reply

    Good catch! Updated to show correct Toronto dates.

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