Administrative Support for Any SharePoint Emergency

SharePoint can be an unwieldy beast, and for those of us working on the administrative end, or managing those who do, you know better than most. Custom code, web parts, patching, monitoring and backups etc. It all requires management. But can you do it all in-house? Should you? It’s a conversation I have with IT professionals every day.

Most conversations start the same way: What does do? When I explain that we offer hosted solutions for SharePoint, I usually get one of two reactions. No.1: “So, like Office 365, right?” Well, not exactly. We offer dedicated solutions while Office 365 is multi-tenant, or shared solutions. (If you’d like a deeper dive on why that’s important, check out Is Office 365 Right for your Business?) No.2 (and by far the most common): “We’re not ready for the cloud, but we like the idea of outsourcing.”

If you feel the same way as the second group, good news, this blog (and especially our new service) is for you.

What are Managed Administrative Support services?

This service is designed for those who need support for specific tasks that are currently weighing down your IT team. Do you need help with setting up User Alerts, basic migrations, upgrades, or maybe configuring a new web part? We can help with any common task as well as emergencies. (Check out some more administrative support examples.) Think of us as your SharePoint Emergency Room. Our support is available in a bank of hours you can purchase as needed, with no recurring costs – just what you need as you need it.

Your SharePoint Emergency Room

So maybe you don’t have a large SharePoint team, or perhaps you’re a team of one. When clients show interest in outsourcing support, they usually need assistance, rather than on-going management. To that end, emergency situations are pretty common with our customers. Whether you’re talking about a “my site is down” emergency or a “my search is broken” emergency, you may have to spend hours trying to fix it and still have no luck. That’s exactly where we come in.

Instead of going at it alone, use our team of MCITP certified professionals to come in, diagnose and solve the hiccup before it becomes a catastrophe. You can rely on our expertise. Most SharePoint Administrators only see a handful of environments in their career, and our team has seen hundreds. There simply isn’t an emergency we haven’t come across over the last 16 years of hosting SharePoint. So next time things go haywire, give us a call, you’ll sleep better knowing that we make problems disappear.

Short Term Project Assistance

Certainly less dramatic but just as important, a short term project (usually less than a year) is a very common use for our hourly support services. In many cases, clients just want help upgrading to the most current version or SharePoint, or they need someone to back up the farm while the in-house admin works on something way more important to the company’s bottom line.

It doesn’t matter what your project is, we can help, and you don’t have to sign a yearly contract that takes a lot of money out of your IT budget. Our hourly banks have a very reasonable entry level, and once you’ve used up your hours, you’re done. There is no pressure to spend more money or sign a lengthy service contract. However, I will tell you most clients purchase another block once they see us in action.

So if you aren’t ready to go to the cloud just yet, I encourage you to look into our admin support. Keep our experts on retainer, the next time you need help, and you’ll have a whole team of admins ready to solve any issue the minute you need us.

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  1. Susan All February 27, 2015 at 10:33 am - Reply

    This is a great idea and I one that I’ve can testify is sorely needed. As a SharePoint instructor (MCTS: SharePoint-Configuration, MCT: MS Office) I frequently saw SharePoint support teams that consisted of 1 to 8 people even in organizations with 60,000 employees. When I was conducting SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) for a consulting company, I had one person ask me how much effort would be involved in maintaining SP once it was implemented. He was hoping the answer would be one. I hope many organizations will take advantage of this service.

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