Celebrating National Green Week!

Fpweb.net is Going Green!

(National Green Week officially starts today. It is the largest waste reduction campaign in history for K-12 schools nationwide. Over 5,000 schools are involved, reaching nearly six million students this year. The movement is an initiative set forth to educate students so they can develop sustainable habits, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little reminder for businesses too. It’s with this in mind that Fpweb.net is taking the opportunity to point out one little earth saver that people tend to forget drives Green initiatives: SharePoint!

This week a series of posts has been put together to focus on the benefits of ‘Going Green’ with SharePoint! Today, @fpwebPeter provides a bit of a humorous intro into Green efforts… Enjoy!)

I still remember the first time I learned about Recycling.

I was at a grade school friend’s house enjoying a refreshing soda with dinner, something unheard of at home. When I went to throw it away, my friend’s mom stopped me. “Whoa. Don’t throw that in the trash. We Recycle.” What that turned out to mean is that where I used to be able to just toss a can in the trash, I now needed to carefully rinse the can out and walk it outside to a separate blue receptacle. So from then on, I hated recycling. … until I learned it could save the world.

As the world turns a brighter shade of green, recycling has become just one of the efforts we make to conserve the environment. By going green, we are accepting that our world (plants, animals and ecosystems) are all interconnected. Everything we do can have an impact on our planet. Green efforts are made with electricity, paper, food, etc. And it doesn’t always have to be a selfless act – it can benefit you, whether it’s improving your health, saving you money, or simply making your life easier. It can be noted, however, that ‘Going Green’ should not be used as an excuse to grow dreadlocks and listen to Phish.

Personally, I grew a bit older and accepted that recycling is more of a responsibility than anything. The cats aren’t going to do it, the ocean doesn’t seem to care – it’s up to us. Humans unite. Plus people can have their own recycling shticks. Me, for instance, I’m still not much of a rinse-out-your-empty-can kind of guy, but I definitely conserve paper when I can and I reuse stuff whenever possible. My work desk seems to be conserving paper by the pound …

In fact, it’s pretty amazing how many household items collecting dust in your attic could be cleaned up and used for all new purposes! Let’s look at some examples:

That oversized Moose head you bought at a garage sale: Say hello to your new coat rack.
That old, broken refrigerator in the garage: How about a nice, secluded ‘thinking space’?
That dusty, forgotten bike in the attic: Welcome to extreme ‘Attic Biking’!
That old Christmas tree you still haven’t taken down: Looks like we have another coat rack!
Your forgotten MySpace profile: A history lesson with fresh embarrassment.

Going Green can be a habit, an effort, or a lifestyle. It’s your call. I’m not suggesting you go all Ed Begley Jr. on us but the idea is to cut down on waste, reuse energy and generally be more efficient when possible. Most companies have accepted their ecological duty to conserve wherever possible in an effort to help the earth take deeper breaths.

Here’s a helpful list of Recycling Tips and Recycling No Nos:

Tip: If you cut down a tree (even by accident) do your best to make paper or something from it as soon as possible to optimize its value before it decomposes into that really soft, gross wood – because it’s really hard to write on that…

No No: Don’t make a Styrofoam fish and then “release it” into the ocean.

Tip: Keep all the lights off in your house at all times. Without sight, your other senses will become incredibly advanced as evidenced when your sense of touch is heightened after slamming your knee into the coffee table while stumbling around your living room.

No No: Burying batteries in your backyard is actually quite harmful and could incidentally lead to digging up that unfortunate cluster of hamsters that you had in grade school…

Tip: Use matches instead of lighters. In fact, just retire from arson altogether.

No No: Don’t take baths. This isn’t as much about recycling as it is about not lying in your own filth. What are you trying to prove? We have showers now, people. We didn’t keep riding horses once we invented cars.

All kidding aside, conservation of our natural resources is important. So with Climate Change, Global Warming, holes in the Ozone Layer, Diminishing Natural Resources, along with Contaminated Air, Water and Soil looming over us, it’s now or never to Go Green! As a business you can cut energy costs while developing relationships with clients and employees as a business with a social conscience.

Andy Milsark, our Lead SharePoint Engineer, has put together a three part series that focuses on Going Green with SharePoint! Stay tuned for the next three days as he highlights the growing trend developing to use SharePoint as a green effort. Just another way SharePoint can save the world …

It’s time to look at the big picture. Now take it off the wall and recycle it in the paper bin.

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