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Sitecore calculatorEverybody got a Sitecore calculator for Christmas…

The latest feature released on’s website offers a new way for you to find out which of our managed Sitecore hosting packages works best for your business.

This dynamic website addition adjusts as you input your Sitecore needs and quickly estimates which package best compliments your business.

SPOILER ALERT: Whichever package fits you the best, they’re all guaranteed to be effective, highly scalable environments that move your business forward.

A little background before we check out the calculator functionality:

In November, extended their hosting and managed services to the customer experience management tool, Sitecore. (Read about our Managed Sitecore Hosting launch.) We’ve spent almost two decades refining our private cloud network and optimizing our availability, security and performance resources. All of that has made a big difference for our SharePoint customers, so when Sitecore landed on our radar, we took an interest.

Essentially, we provide all of the support and managed services that businesses looking to outsource their IT grunt work need. From implementation to licensing to maintenance to patching to support and everything in between, we work with our customers to connect their users and customers to all of the benefits inherent with Sitecore.

To enter this world, knew that we had to stand out. We couldn’t just be another hosting option. For this edge, we’ve once more leaned on our outstanding, rapid support to ensure our customers are never left sitting on a problem that needs resolving. Our average support ticket response time is less than six minutes!

All of our hosted and managed environments can be scaled up or down easily, and our free consultations and implementation partners will help get you started on the path to a successful Sitecore website.

So, what about that Sitecore calculator?

Our Managed Sitecore Plan Calculator is very easy to use. First we define your environment type: Are you using our servers for Content Delivery and just need delivery servers hosted or do you need it for Content Delivery and Content Management (which would host the entire solution)?

Sitecore Calculator Environment Type

Next, we identify a few numbers. We need the number of content authors who will be creating and editing content; we need the number of content items (pages, images and other assets) that you’ll require; and we need the number of websites you will need launched.

Sitecore Calculator Environment Settings

…And that’s it.

Kind of…

You see, that will get you your estimate and identify which of our packages falls in line with your needs, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

Once you receive our suggested Sitecore plan, you’ll be given the option to answer a quick questionnaire that will dial even further into your custom needs and help us really sharpen the quote for you.

It’s just another way to see what’s Managed Sitecore Hosting can do for your business. We hope you take the opportunity to check which Sitecore plan fits your business so we can have the opportunity to be your trusted Sitecore provider.

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