Cloud Computing Concerns: Is your business in the Cloud?

Why the ‘Reasons You Don’t Want to Move to the Cloud’ are actually the ‘Reasons You Should be in the Cloud’

The Cloud is a the buzzword. We’ve tried to make that abundantly clear. Most of our blogs and conversations center around it. Why you need the Cloud. Where SharePoint meets the Cloud. Security concerns with the Cloud.  The Hybrid Cloud SharePoint Model. and the list goes on and on! But it’s not because we love the sound of our own voice; it’s because we know what the Cloud is capable of! We know that it’s revolutionizing the way that companies store data, the way it’s changing productivity within that company, and especially the way it’s making everything available at the click of a button.

Yet concerns about cloud-based infrastructure persist- because it’s that special. It has changed the game and frankly, adapting to change can be difficult at times. I’ve said before that it wasn’t easy for me to jump into social media. It’s like I’m late to every party. We only just now got onto Pinterest

So I’ve gathered five of the most common Cloud concerns to help explain that what you consider a setback, we consider a benefit. Please review and share! If it seems like a bit of a sales pitch, it’s because it is. For every benefit the cloud offers,’s Private Cloud SharePoint solutions harness it best!

Concern #1: “We need to make sure our data is secure”

Easily the biggest concern, which is exciting for us because we have a simple reply: is in the business of protecting sensitive data. Specifically, your data. We devote a lot of resources towards making sure our clients’ data stays protected. As a hosting provider, data security is at the center of our business. It’s likely not your company’s “core competency”, and that’s why our clients let us focus on their data security while they focus on their core business. has a SSAE 16 SOC I Type II Certified data center with redundancy in all critical systems. By using a reliable hosting provider like, organizations can store their data in a data center with world-class security without making a large capital investment in infrastructure. Our network infrastructure offers HVAC secure climate controlled with offsite, vaulted SAN backups and disaster recovery options. also provides physical security like intrusion detection, armed security personnel, and biometric access that IT departments, particularly in mid-sized companies, can’t afford to use to protect their data.

Concern #2: “Access to this data is essential”

Again, providing accessibility to critical data is part of the core business of any hosting provider. At, we take great lengths to ensure that our clients’ data is accessible at all times. The fiber optic network is connected to 2 Tier 1 ISP’s and uses intelligent BGP routing with an IP backbone of AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and Cogent. This makes for an environment that is more accessible than an On Premise SharePoint installation.

Many of our clients, like most businesses today, have employees, vendors, and partners accessing SharePoint data over a large geographic area. This is where the Cloud shines! The more spread out your employee and partner network is, the less you benefit from having data centralized in your headquarters. Data will be accessed over the internet; it might as well be stored in a secure data center that makes it their business to give you total server control at all times.

Concern #3: “Our IT strategy is to host On Premise”

Saying that your IT strategy is to host all of your data On Premise just doesn’t cut it anymore. Potential cost savings, combined with the ability to have a more flexible, scalable IT infrastructure means that every IT department should at least be exploring hosted options. In a recent study by cloud solution provider Appirio, 79% of IT decision makers said they expect IT to drive future cloud decisions. This means that decisions to move to the cloud are going to come within IT departments, not from upper management.

Every day, works with SharePoint administrators, IT project managers, and information workers to show their upper management the tremendous savings associated with moving On Premise SharePoint farms to a hosted environment. IT strategies can change very quickly when management sees how much can be saved in infrastructure costs, networking equipment, and IT resources by moving to the cloud. There’s no excuse to not be the one who brings this to your company and earns the respect and klout with upper management by having those cost-savings on your record.

Concern #4: “Maintaining servers is part of my job, and I want to keep my job!”

Don’t just keep your job, transform it. Every year the IT department’s task list grows longer and longer and each item on the list gets more and more complex. IT deals with enough distracting tasks as it is. Repairing, replacing etc. It’s time to utilize IT for its original, creative purposes.

IT departments add value to organizations by building and supporting applications that allow end users to do their job more effectively. When it comes to SharePoint, this can mean creating customization or finding third party tools that make life easier for business users. By trusting a leading provider like, IT departments can devote more resources to developing applications and supporting end users and less time managing servers and setting up networking equipment.

Concern #5: “My company data requires a certain compliance standard.”

Data Center featuresYep, we have that too. When you host with, you’re hosting with a world class network. We operate with users in over 80 countries and know that some clients have specific compliance concerns that must be met.

So with us, you’re not just getting fully redundant servers that have built-in disaster recovery and are backed up by five diesel generators – you’re getting servers that are housed in an internationally accredited, SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II Certified Data Center. And they meet the strict compliance needs of PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA as well as adhering to the Safe Harbor privacy principles.


Basically, the point is: for every Cloud concern, has the solution. I hope you take the opportunity to consider a Private Cloud SharePoint environment for your business. Or maybe a hybrid Cloud solution would be a better “fit” for your organization’s needs. Whatever you decide, is here to help you be the hero your business needs. Hosting your data rather than keeping it in-house can save you up to 60%. That’s a pretty attractive number to have associated with your name when your next employee review comes around.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact

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