Cloud Storage for Enterprise Big Data

cloud storageOther than personnel, the most expensive part of your data center operation is storage for your big data.  Storage solutions are overpriced, don’t scale, under-perform and require constant attention by your team. It’s time to put Enterprise Big Data Storage in its place:  In the Cloud. 

The end result: Besides the time and cost savings, your IT can move on to help the CIO create the next big thing for your CEO.

Big Data is a Big Pain

Yes, it’s the future of IT as a strategic asset to your company, but corralling  and managing all the data is painful. Hardware refreshes, gradual performance degradation while storage demands increase and talent decreases all make Enterprise Big Data a big challenge. There has to be a better way to manage this growing problem for IT.

Data Warehouse, Gotta Have It

With Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) services, you are bringing your disparate data from Marketing, Sales, Ops, ERP and outside sources into one collective. Your team can do live analysis or trending on historical data. Business intelligence and data mining are the tools of the trade. Data marts allow you to drill down into markets or new opportunities. Here’s the catch:

90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years.

Your storage growth is accelerating and your storage costs are increasing as well.  You need the data warehouse to make critical decisions but you also need to keep costs in check or even better, leverage capacity with decreased cost as you spread your storage cost overhead across multiple arrays – think economy of scale like Google or Amazon.

Data Warehouse

Source: Wikipedia

Our Storage Costs What?!

Looked at your Oracle or Teradata bill lately? Big data storage is a big expense. In fact it’s probably one of your top three expenses in IT. What if you could cut that cost in half, and still maintain the same or better performance and have it managed well to boot? Think what IT could do with the cost savings.

The Big Data Storage Players

The usual enterprise vendors are either already engaged or poised to help you with your Big Data growth challenges.  Oracle leads the pack with the lion’s share of the market, followed by EMC, IBM, Teradata and Microsoft. Price per TB as well as performance varies widely by vendor and Free Trial of hardware is a requirement. Load test and run the platforms side by side. Talk to others who have used it successfully and make sure you know your costs as it scales and tolerable performance degradation.

Price per TB User-Available Storage

Source: Valueprism Consulting, March 2013

Read the full report

Cloud Storage – Deep Cost Cutting

Enterprise Cloud Storage that performs well for Hadoop, Oracle or SQL is readily available. Cloud providers can leverage their massive buying and storage needs to spread overhead across multiple enterprises. You benefit with lower storage pricing per TB. Products such as the Microsoft Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) big data storage solution can be hosted by providers like in St. Louis or managed by them in your own data center.

Managed Storage to Free IT Up

Managed Cloud Storage gives you a known cost per month and known cost to scale up and out. More strategically, it allows you take your IT storage folks and leverage them to USE your Big Data to find better ways of doing things or creating a new product or service.  IT must become a profit center if your company is to thrive. Managed storage (Cloud or on-premises) can help you move it from an expense to an asset. The same could be said for the CIO as well…

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  1. Mandy February 25, 2014 at 1:47 am - Reply

    I had trouble choosing. I will take aboard your suggestion of using the free trials.

  2. Tony July 13, 2014 at 7:37 pm - Reply

    I just took on a new big client with lots of data storage needs. It isn’t normally part of what we do, but the client wanted everything under one roof. Thanks for the tips! Glad they are paying directly for the storage!

  3. chow September 24, 2014 at 11:02 pm - Reply

    I like the point where you are saying “Cloud Storage – Deep Cost Cutting”, cloud storage is definitely the future of Internet. In my opinion, I believe there still a lot of work need to do especially for the data security and compliance part if this technology is going to implement widely in enterprise level.

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