Connecting SharePoint to Sitecore and Kentico

When SharePoint Meets Sitecore and Kentico

The SharePoint ConnectorChances are you already have SharePoint handling all of your document management and providing the collaboration tools to enhance workplace productivity and internal workflows. You chose SharePoint because it’s the best at doing all those things.

But what if you want the best for your customer experience and web content management?

Well, it obviously doesn’t make financial sense to abandon the SharePoint investment and buy in to Sitecore or Kentico – but you won’t have to…

Both WCMs communicate well with SharePoint so you can share features across platforms or keep and publish content from one place.


Arguable the greatest internal document management and collaboration tool in existence, SharePoint has been around the longest and continues to innovate in an industry created off its success. Businesses utilize SharePoint for its intranet and extranet features that include content and document management, business intelligence, workflow management and more.


Kentico and Sitecore help sharpen your website’s customer engagement with advanced personalization, segmentation, globalization and other capabilities. You can manage all digital marketing efforts and tools in one place and easily integrate real-time CRM and ERP data for the highest level of customer personalization.

Luckily, both Kentico and Sitecore see the value in playing nice with SharePoint.

The SharePoint Connector for Sitecore:

Your Sitecore Content Management System integrates easily with SharePoint so you can publish intranet assets easily to your websites and extranets.

Sitecore has stated that their SharePoint Connect module’s purpose is to provide a flexible framework for your SharePoint assets and your Sitecore content delivery engine to interact.

By following the framework, there’s a lot you can do out-of-the-box with your Sitecore solution and SharePoint, plus you can customize the solution as you see fit. Sitecore’s UI makes things a bit easier to navigate and following Sitecore’s best practices puts your website in a better place to communicate with customers. Harnessing your SharePoint data with page-level, item-level and API-level integration lets you combine collaboration with customer experience.

Learn more by reading the Sitecore SharePoint Connector Module Installation and Configuration Guide.

The SharePoint Connector for Kentico:

Kentico continues to bring SharePoint integration improvements to its CMS with out-of-the-box functionality that removes what Kentico has labeled “file chaos”.

While you have to download and install in Sitecore, Kentico features a built-in SharePoint connector that comes with the Kentico Ultimate Edition and communicates with SharePoint to display your lists, files, document libraries, and images on your website while updating your website in real-time when you update SharePoint.

Other defining, out-of-the-box features include the ability to create multiple SharePoint connections for each SharePoint site populating data in Kentico. And as an added security level, you can use different credentials so you know who’s using what.

The goal is simple: Allow out-of-the-box SharePoint integration with Kentico and ensure everyone is using the latest, updated file.

Learn more about the Easy SharePoint Integration possible with Kentico.


Whether you choose Sitecore or Kentico to enhance your SharePoint investment, both make it easy to synch your data and stay in control of the management processes.

To learn more, please feel free to reach out to us. can help host, deploy and manage any of these systems to ensure your team is focused on future success and invested in innovation.

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