The Difference Part One: Customer Care

Developing or reevaluating your business IT strategy is never easy. It takes careful consideration and exhaustive research. You want the most for your money and you want a solution that covers you in every way. On-premise or the Cloud. Private or Public Cloud. This hosting company or the other.

Someone has to sit down, study the different options and then present it to the decision-makers in the business. This blog series presents the difference. What sets us apart as a premier, white-glove SharePoint Hosting service.We want you to know that your business and data are completely covered under the protection of’s SharePoint Cloud.’s Customer Care

I’ve mentioned in a past article that it’s ideal (and unfortunately rare) when a company is legitimately looking out for your best interests and makes an effort to cater to your specific needs. Pretty much every company will say they do, but the proof is in the pudding (which is yet another expression that I have no clue what it means). Companies can make claims but when it hits the fan, we see how honest their care is. Are you taken care of? Is your problem solved to your fair satisfaction? Are they doing what they said they’ll do? Did you sense sincerity in their communication? It’s easy stuff, and frankly, working with a business doesn’t need to feel like working with a robot that’s programmed to find a way out of helping you.

As many times as I’ve tried to contact businesses and had to battle through a list of options that never seem to pinpoint my actual issue or having to speak out options to a robot that repeats “I’m sorry I didn’t catch that, did you mean…”, you’d start to think that the unspoken fourth law of robotics is to “keep consumers on the edge of sanity before putting them through to an operator from another country that makes you repeat your account number for the tenth time“. Sigh. I’m getting frustrated just thinking about it…

Well, here’s the good news: no robots here. uses humans. Knowledgeable, friendly humans that do everything they can to snag that phone at the first ring. Our Customer Care Team is heavily trained in SharePoint and customer communications to make sure you get answers or connected to whoever you need as soon as possible. Our receptionist receives the same training that the rest of the team gets to help expedite any issues that can be handled without having to put you on hold.

Working for you, from the comfort of our office. Our Customer Care extends to developing SharePoint Relationship Managers who work for you. These customer advocates are trained to handle any issue you encounter. If you aren’t sure who to contact – it’s them. They work exclusively with current clients to make sure you’re getting the most out of your environment (maybe fine-tuning the performance or adding more storage) as well as handle upgrades, renewals and discounts. Our SharePoint Relationship Managers proactively review your SharePoint environment to ensure it’s running smoothly and, if necessary, reach out to customers to try and head off issues before they occur. This position was created by to make sure that our customers have the dedicated support they deserve.

We’re a U.S. owned and operated company. That means your calls come to us – dead smack in the Midwest – where our 24/7/365 support staff is ready to do what it takes to help. We know that these SharePoint environments can be the lifeline of your business and when support is needed, it’s needed NOW. On-demand Support is our specialty and we don’t plan on keeping you waiting for results. No matter what day of the week it is, what time in the morning it is, or what holiday is being celebrated, we have people ready to jump into action the second you need help with your hosting solution. Even if you’re just contacting us to get a free custom SharePoint quote, our SharePoint Team is integrated into our Sales Team so that top-level support is readily available to pinpoint or highlight exactly what your company’s SharePoint demands may be.

Misbehaving SharePoint environments fall in line when’s Support Team shows up. As a managed hosting provider, we think of it as you putting our talent on your team. Like bringing Griffey, McGwire and Jeter to your Sunday softball league. It’s not going to end well for the other team…’s Support has been doing this for 15 years and actually introduced SharePoint to the Cloud over a decade ago. Currently our average support ticket initial response time is approximately 28 minutes. Which is awesome. That’s less than a half an hour you have to wait before you get the support you need. Most companies strive to get down to an hour for response time. We take it seriously and are doing everything we can to continue to drop that average. Because we’re not just in it to meet customer expectations, we want to exceed them. Support is here!

Our Support page and our phones are ready 24/7/365 to be your SharePoint Lifeline!

Drop a support ticket in and wait for the magic to happen. Our new website redesign makes it easy to access our support systems online.’s Support page has SharePoint Tutorials, White Papers, SharePoint Videos and a comprehensive Online Support KnowledgeBase. We pack in everything we can to help inform you and give you the resources to take full control of your SharePoint environment, but we also give you the means to manage your account and easily reach out to us for support if needed. Creating a support ticket allows the customer to track the resolution of that ticket and keeps us on our toes by measuring the metrics of all incoming customer issues. It’s just another way that we can measure our performance for you and continue improving.

We just don’t stop finding ways to help you. Beyond deploying, maintaining and supporting your SharePoint environment, is your Trusted SharePoint Advisor. This means that we’re here for you as a consultant to help find further ways to tailor your environment to your specific needs. This often entails introducing you to reputable companies that develop awesome third party apps that would fit perfectly in your SharePoint. We’re ready and able to help however you need us.

At, we have Customer Care covered and we want to prove it to you. We’re not just reciting a script when we say that we care about your business and your SharePoint environment and we believe that’s a key factor in setting us apart in this industry. If you’re considering the Cloud and you want a solution that covers you from every side – look no further. We got this.

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for more inThe Difference series(including Expertise, Reliability, Speed, Performance)…

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  1. Matt Duchek July 26, 2012 at 8:46 am - Reply

    “Customer service is easy to say… but hard to do”

    Nice recap, Peter. definitely takes customer service very seriously. I feel great knowing our company delivers as promised.

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