Customizing SharePoint Hosting: Total Server Control in the Private Cloud

“At Enterprise Scale, No Two SharePoint Farms are Alike”

Your SharePoint environment should be unique, kind of like fingerprints and snowflakes, or even those impressive spider webs around your MySpace account.

Basically, every SharePoint installation is a little different. Whether your deployment is big or small, it needs to be tailored to your business; otherwise you’re either paying for something that you’re not using, or you could be missing out on something your infrastructure needs. And no one likes to miss out on stuff…

So, although our nature may have us programmed to just order something and force contentment towards whatever comes with it, SharePoint is different. This dynamic beast demands your attention and pleads that you take control of the entire platform and make it yours. Shared resources and “cookie-cutter” plans only cut it for the most limited SharePoint deployments. So, to get the most from your enterprise SharePoint farm, you need a server infrastructure that’s custom designed for your business.

Think of it like interior decorating. Only, don’t think about it too much like that, because now I’ll never get your attention back. Basically, if you need a new kitchen, you’d call a contractor. And if the pipes in your bathroom aren’t working well, you wouldn’t keep taking showers with weak water flow; you’d call a plumber. So if there’s more to squeeze out of your SharePoint, and better ways to tailor your environment to your individual needs, why wouldn’t you call the SharePoint Hosting experts?

SharePoint hosting providers are in the unique position of getting their hands dirty with untold amounts of SharePoint environments. They see it all and most likely have troubleshoots and best practices for any scenario. If they’re good, and I know one that is great, they know what can and can’t be done, and more importantly, they do it all for you. Managed, dedicated hosting to wipe away all of the IT headaches that backlog your company’s IT staff.

And sometimes life works out and sends you something really special. In this case, it’s total server control., the premier SharePoint hosting provider, has a pretty unique card up its sleeve. Because where most hosting providers will either use shared servers for their clients or maintain a level of control over your data, gives each client a dedicated server and total administrative control over that server. We’re talking full server administrative privileges. That’s the only way to achieve true SharePoint customization. That’s the only way that it’s truly your environment.

A lot of IT personnel shopping around for hosted services don’t realize the importance of this control (or the lack thereof). In some cases this requirement is overlooked entirely. But yet it’s critical. Why would you want to relinquish any functionality of your SharePoint environment?! The idea is to always be bolstering your capabilities, not limiting them! provides custom, flexible hosting solutions with managed dedicated servers for enterprise SharePoint environments. After a free, custom consultation,’s SharePoint Architects evaluate your needs and then design and deploy your custom server farm in no time. Basically, once we see what fits, we have the expertise to engineer any server farm you can dream up. Single server solutions to redundant server farms. Always leaving room for growth.

So, take the best of both worlds.’s SharePoint Cloud lets you remain an administrator with full access to your managed server. It’s how we bring the Cloud closer to your business. And consultants sleep easy knowing that with, they can build the custom farms their customers need, have it managed by an award-winning hosting provider and earn dividends from the Referral Program.

Here are some of the ways can make your SharePoint environment truly yours:

  • Total Server Control
    (Full server administrative privileges)
  • Work with licensing
    (Use your own or let us get it for you)
  • Custom Integration
    (Take full control of Active Directory – Save time replicating security settings and group policies by joining your managed servers to your company’s internal domain.)
  • Flexible Capacity
    (Easily scalable – One size doesn’t fit all, so don’t get stuck with an infrastructure that doesn’t fit your current needs. Upgrade or downgrade with virtually no downtime.)
  • Flexible Pricing
    (Annual or monthly billing provides a predictable cost that isn’t affected by any maintenance or upkeep)
  • Specific Disaster Recovery options to fit your business
    (Find the Business Continuity Plan that keeps your business operating no matter what happens)
  • Custom Hybrid Architecture
    (Leave some of your SharePoint in house and send the rest to the Cloud)

We have a solution for any business. It’s never too early, never too late and always the right time to contact for a free consultation on how we can make your SharePoint work for you. Make the best call for your business. Make it your Cloud. Managed your way.

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