Did I roll my windows up?

And other thoughts while I’m…

Staring Out the Window

As a kid, I always figured my superpowers would kick in at any moment.  When I was 11, I got so excited because my parents sat me down and explained they had something important to tell me.  I was sure this was the moment they’d tell me I wasn’t born to them but rather, I was found in a field and may or may not be superhuman.  Instead, it turned out that my hamster had died.
…I didn’t even have the power to save Whiskers.

Hall and OatesI like Hall & Oates music but why does every picture of them make me feel like they’re gonna kidnap me when I turn around?


…What else is on your list?…

I’m not allowed a whiskey decanter in my office.  It’s not an alcohol thing – apparently, I waste too much time having my back turned so when people come in the door I can swivel around slowly while pouring a drink and growl, “I’ve been expecting you…”

SkypeLittle known fact:  Years ago, I came up with an innovative way to call friends across the world for free using video on the internet but lost the idea in a high stakes poker game to Bobby Skype.


Attention song writers and people that make commercials: using a “wake-up alarm noise” is a dumb idea!  Who is writing this and thinking, “You know what this commercial needs?  That horrible, obnoxious noise that ruins everyone’s day… let’s sell some product!”

I must draw the blinds on another chapter of staring out the window.   Always a pleasure, of course, and remember – keep calm, carry on and stare my brothers and sisters.  (whispering) Stare…

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