Don’t Fear the Cloud, Embrace It CloudWhat the Cloud Can Mean for Your Business

So by now everyone is tired of the term cloud and for good reason as it has likely been pushed down your throat for the past couple years.

But despite it being a buzzword in the IT industry, I think some people hear the term cloud and just associate it with a public cloud offering like Office 365 and assume it won’t work for them and ultimately just avoid the cloud altogether. I’m here to tell you that, if you do that, you could be missing out on some great business opportunities.

The cloud isn’t just a one size fits all type of thing. I talk to people every day about “the cloud” and what they think it is, and how it might be able to help their businesses. I wanted to take this opportunity to give a few examples of where a private cloud like what we host at might be a good fit.

The Benefits of the Private Cloud


I get this quite a bit where someone calls me and says,” Hey Jesse, I have a project coming up and need to use SharePoint for the collaboration tool but my internal IT says they cannot get a farm setup in time.”

No problem! We work with companies on a regular basis in this capacity. They need sites spun up in a matter of days or weeks, not months and a private cloud gives their security team the peace of mind that their data is protected; Infrastructure is happy that they don’t’ have to support another farm; and the business gets their project started on time (and, in most cases, under what they budgeted for the SharePoint piece.) 


A company will come to me with the problem that they have an on-premises SharePoint intranet and would like to add an extranet for their partners but the security team does not want the external users having any access to their internal network.

Again, the simple solution is to setup the extranet in our private cloud and your users upload only the documents necessary for the external partners to see. The security team is happy that the external users never hit their internal network.


Finally, I get the scalability questions all of the time. Many of our customers are not sure how their SharePoint environment is going to catch on internally.

Everyone in SharePoint knows it can be difficult to gain adoption. They don’t want to make a huge capital expenditure on something only a few departments may end up using. Or the reverse – they don’t want the environment to be a hit and then their hardware can’t support the usage and performance becomes a problem, and they lose adoption again.

Yes, it’s a catch 22, I know. So how do you avoid it? Hopefully it won’t come as a surprise by now, but in our private cloud, we are able to scale with your business so you can start small, and if SharePoint becomes the hit you think it will be, we can add resources and servers as needed with little interruption so we don’t need to charge you for resources that are not going to be used for the next year or two.

Embrace the Cloud

Now, maybe none of these examples apply to you, but I would bet there is a scenario where the cloud could help make your business move faster and more efficiently. So at the end of the day, don’t be afraid of “the cloud” and think that there is only one cloud and write it off as an option without exploring all that is available to you.


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