Download SharePoint Foundation 2013 RTM and SharePoint Designer 2013 RTM

SharePoint 2013The launch of SharePoint 2013 is coming!

It’s an exciting time for the Microsoft SharePoint community! SharePoint end users and admins around the world are taking to the streets (or at least Twitter) to celebrate the upcoming release of SharePoint 2013. Our friends at Microsoft have finally presented the RTM versions of the SharePoint 2013 product line (Server, Foundation, and Designer). The Server product is only available for MSDN subscribers, but the free pieces (Foundation and Designer) are available to anyone NOW!

Microsoft has made some great improvements over the SharePoint 2010 product offering. Below are just a handful of the great enhancements that can be found in these two FREE collaboration tools:

SharePoint Foundation 2013 Feature Enhancements

As in the SharePoint 2010 product line, SharePoint 2013 Foundation is the core platform of the product.  SharePoint Server 2013 is basically Foundation with additional Enterprise services and functionality added on top. You will still get Central administration, basic search, document collaboration, and team sites with Foundation.

  • BCS enhancements such as an event and alerting integration from external LOB systems, and support for OData data sources. My inner developer is delighted by this news. The BCS events framework will certainly lead to more efficient processes.
  • Drag and drop file uploads. The click, click, browse, name, click days are in the past where they should stay.
  • Document collaboration is now built into the team site template.
  • Threaded discussion forums. SharePoint finally has discussion threads like you would expect to see on Facebook or blog comments.
  • Optimized mobile device views for smart phones and tablets. Mobile/tablets are the future and Microsoft sees that.
  • Everything is considered an “App” including lists and document libraries. Microsoft is seemingly ready to go after Apple’s thunder.

SharePoint Designer 2013 Feature Enhancements

SharePoint Designer 2013 has gone through some big changes. Microsoft has made a big investment in workflow design and functionality in this product. Microsoft has also incorporated the Windows Azure Workflow service which decouples workflow from the SharePoint web and application servers. Workflow runs in its own process which allows for big stability and scalability improvements. Below are some of the changes/enhancements in SharePoint Designer 2013:

  • New user interface for the workflow process designer. I felt that the old one was ugly and clunky so this is a strong improvement.
  • Workflows support looping! Looping workflows are much more useful and can be utilized in many more business processes.
  • You can now copy and paste workflow actions in the designer. Reduce clicks = happy end users.
  • Design View has been removed which speeds up the application significantly. This will probably scare some people who use the design view in SharePoint Designer 2010, but it will enthrall your average web designer turned SharePoint brander.

Remember: Download Responsibly, don’t kill the company internet connection.

On October 30th, SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Designer 2013 were posted on Microsoft’s website for download. Follow the links below to get your copy today!

Download Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 RTM

Download Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 RTM

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