Five Benefits of Hosting SharePoint in Private Cloud

By now, we’re all familiar with the Cloud.

We use it everyday with our emails, with different programs at work and with our social networks. We’re also familiar with the idea of outsourcing. But not the cheap labor kind, we’re talking about the kind where experts are called in to improve a service for you.

That’s the point behind SharePoint Hostingexperts managing your data in the cloud, connecting and empowering your business.  Hosting the platform removes all of the maintenance and upkeep that slows your IT down. You can reduce fixed costs and get to market faster with Cloud solutions. By increasing your agility and operational gains, you end up with big cost savings for your business.

And it works especially well if you’re already set up on-premises. It’s a way to get unstuck from pouring money and manpower into something that isn’t ideal for your business. The cloud sets you free. Free from worrying about security, maintenance, backups, and surprise IT costs. Everything is enterprise scale in the Cloud. And, if you still can’t live without keeping some stuff in house, hybrid cloud solutions are available to fit any need.

So why Private Cloud? Public clouds like Office 365 limit your functionality and often don’t allow customization. Private clouds are dedicated, custom designed infrastructures that grow with your business. You maintain total administrative control with unlimited customization capabilities.

So, no matter your company size, consider these advantages to hosting SharePoint in the Private Cloud:

Five Benefits of Hosting SharePoint in Private Cloud

1. Build Your Infrastructure Instantly

Private Cloud SharePoint Providers deploy customized environments for development, testing, and production virtually instantaneously. Never mind waiting weeks for your IT team to launch the company SharePoint environment, with a proficient hosting provider, your sites typically go live within days instead of weeks.

Pre-engineered packages are available to help design and deploy custom cloud solutions. For clients who are just getting acquainted with SharePoint, such offerings can kick-start and streamline what may seem like an overwhelming initiative. Others, however, may seek more control over their application and technical architecture, and this is only available with select Private Cloud providers that can offer total administrative control of the customer servers. With this control comes the ability to customize SharePoint’s omnipotent tools, Central Administration and Power Shell scripting.

2. Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

Instead of demanding large capital outlays, a good SharePoint Hosting provider allows companies to pay as they grow. Expenses for updating hardware, software upgrades, security, and repairs are all included in scheduled monthly or annual payments. Such arrangements typically result in large cost savings for companies that would normally pay for procuring infrastructure. Never mind spending time and money maintaining the product or ordering parts; they can entrust such tedious tasks to a reliable SharePoint Cloud provider. Make sure your provider uses the latest hardware and software to ensure your productivity will not suffer.

3. Easily Flex and Scale Your Environment

Virtualization technology allows companies to scale up and out without acquiring extra hardware and licensing or hiring additional IT support staff. Private Cloud SharePoint Hosting lets you scale up and down with minimal constraints by dynamically allocating hardware resources. This way, clients create an environment that fits their business, financial and technical needs. Pay the perfect amount, nothing more and nothing less. Tremendous cost savings result on capital expenditures and operations cost. These amenities empower clients to wield administrative control over their SharePoint environment.

4. Expand Collaboration Across Your Workforce

Clients can leverage SharePoint to build intranet, extranet, and public-facing web sites to communicate with employees, external partners, and consumers. SharePoint features tools for Content, Project, Document, and Workflow management and creation as well as enterprise-scale search to promote group communication and collaboration. SharePoint maximizes collaboration and personalized experiences in a single platform across different security boundaries. Private Cloud vendors that provide unlimited customizations allow you to access 3rd Party Apps that can boost specific SharePoint capabilities. Thanks to the Private Cloud’s secure storage of files and software, employees can work collaboratively anytime and anywhere.

5. Expert, Experienced Support for Your Infrastructure

Your hosting provider must possess a sturdy ecosystem of customer support. A dedicated SharePoint support team should be expected to answer any SharePoint questions about deploying hosting solutions 24/7, 365 days a year. This should extend to taking extra precautions that protect your data and company with business continuity plans that focus on disaster recovery and backup options. These steps will identify the best way to deal with a worst-case scenario since a standby environment enables clients to recover data and files within minutes. In addition to constant hardware and software upgrades, clients should be able to reach their provider’s customer support immediately, whether it’s by phone call, online ticketing, live sales chat, or responsive social media teams.

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