Fpweb.net Accepts the Blogging Challenge in the New Year

Ready for our first New Year’s resolution?

We’re doing something a bit brazen this month to kick the year off with a mini explosion by lighting up the Fpweb.net blog with 31 blogs for 31 days.

Our dedication to saturating the New Year with content stems from HubSpot’s 30 Day Blog Challenge – which we have readily accepted – and even added a day to. (Honestly, why start on the 2nd of January and be one day shy of a full month of blogs? Go big or go home, we always say…)

Why would we do something like that?

Well, HubSpot will be the first to tell you that blogging is good for business.

If you’re not already blogging consistently for your organization, it’s a healthy way to get some attention your way and also help promote the people and the product behind your business. HubSpot reckons that writing just three to four blogs a month with get you significant traffic and social media attention and, in turn, create the opportunity to develop those visitors into sales leads.

Also, blogging is, of course, good for SEO. (SEO = Search Engine Optimization = The wires and moving parts you would see if you removed the battery pack on Google’s back). The more content you can create on your website, the better chance it has of making a humble appearance in search engine rankings.

How are you going to fill 31 days with blogs?

Well, we’ve already sneaked this introduction blog in as the inaugural post. Surprise! That’s one down and 30 to go.

For the most part though, we’ll have pen to paper for most of the month crafting informative posts that answer your SharePoint or Cloud related issues. There’s no doubt we’ll have a thing or two to say about the upcoming Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas this March. We’ll have webinars and videos to promote as well, but for the most part, it’s business as usual – just in bulk this time.

Don’t resolutions usually involve fitness or business goals?

Well, you could certainly say that we’re exercising our blogging muscles. I can assure you that it’s a helluva workout to produce blogs every day, but we’re also starting the New Year with a bit of teamwork since several Fpweb.net departments are chipping in to produce blogs. You’ll get to hear from our Support team, our SharePoint team, our Marketing team and even our CEO.

Yes, we’re entering 2014 at full speed and we hope you’ll join us on our blogging adventure as we do our best to provide you with the kind of content that can get you through a SharePoint issue or just through the day.

If you have any SharePoint or Cloud issues that you’d like us to write a blog about – now is the time to get that fast tracked to print. We’re always happy to share tips and tricks that can make your work life easier so take this opportunity to get the answers you’re seeking.

In the meantime, let the blog challenge begin…

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  1. Benjamin Niaulin (@bniaulin) January 2, 2014 at 9:14 am - Reply

    Good luck! That’s a lot of work 🙂

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