Fpweb.net is Ready for SPC11

“Ten oughta do it, don’t you think?.. You think we need one more?… You think we need one more.  All right, we’ll get one more.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Fpweb.net’s 11.  The gang is heading to Anaheim this weekend for the much anticipated Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011.  Make sure you stop by and see us while we’re out there.  We’re excited to show you that we’re a Hosted SharePoint Hero for hire, but we also just love a good chat too!  Also, don’t be afraid of our booth – its vision is based on movement.

Rob LaMear
is our Founder and CEO and would love to talk about doing business with you, answer any lingering questions you may have, or see if you have a natural partnership for consideration (i.e. ISVs, integrators and consultants reselling SharePoint for profit and speeding up cash flow with faster SharePoint project cycles.)

Mark Miller
is our most recent, exciting addition but also one of the biggest names in SharePoint.  He was just voted the #6 Top SharePoint Online Influencers.  As our Senior Storyteller and Community Advocate, Mark is a dedicated evangelist for all things SharePoint.

Chris Schwab
is our SharePoint Engineering Director. Tackle him (or just politely introduce yourself) if you’d like to discuss Cloud based SharePoint solutions, Windows PowerShell, Marvel Comics or CrossFit.

Andy Milsark
is our Lead SharePoint Engineer.  If you’re interested in talking Multi-Tenancy, ADFS, Hosted SharePoint options, or how not to pick fantasy football teams, find Andy.

Ellie Rodgers
is Queen Sheba of everything Marketing. If you’ve booked a conference, planned any advertising, or had a cocktail on a rooftop with us, Ellie had a hand in it (not your cocktail).  Stop by to catch up with her and find out what’s planned for our 2012 marketing efforts!

Chris Davidson
is our Sales Director. He loves to chat about the leading business trends in SharePoint and how it affects an organization. Chris is a trusted resource as he absorbs information and translates it to solutions.

Aaron Lademann
is Fpweb.net’s Creative Director, is ready to talk about the growth of our brand, our community involvement, and the story of the past four years or so (he’s seen a little bit of everything…) He’ll tell you why creative thinkers are critical to the growth and success of our company.

Vanessa Calcara
is our Marketing & Events Coordinator and a long-time member of the conference road crew.  When it comes to conference coordination, SharePoint Saturdays and free community sites, seek her out.

Peter Cartier
is our resident wordsmith.  Look for him in the Bean Bag Lounge at SPC11 or find him secretly hunting down swag while live tweeting about the conference and our own giveaways!  Check out his recap blogs of each day to see if you’re in them.

Jesse Roche
is our SharePoint Relationship Manager and makes sure that our customers have a resource available to them when they aren’t sure where to turn.  So whether you need an upgrade to your site or you just aren’t sure who can answer your question, tap Jesse’s shoulder.

Jack McAndrew
is our I.T. Operations Director.  He’s a big people person and works hard to make sure everyone he comes into contact with has a great experience with our company.  He’ll be happy to talk to you about our build process and delivery timeline.

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