Fpweb.net Needed to Enhance Office365

Flexible SharePointWe often get asked who our competitors are.

Obviously, there are companies out there who also host SharePoint, but the short answer is that we don’t think of them as competitors.  What we have is our own FLEXible Hosted SharePoint that does exactly what our customer needs it to do.  Other products tend to match a client on a small or grand scale, but we make an effort to custom fit any need.

A SharePoint consultant who’s client has a bunch of Office365 users recently reached out to me and asked if we could quote him on a SharePoint 2010 Server with Enterprise Users.  The client already has Office 365 (E2) in use, but needs to load 3rd party apps and can’t.

The consultant’s concern was that his client would be able to have full control of the server and to load a 3rd party workflow engines client and web parts.  I assured them that we specialize in control, integration and customization for hosted SharePoint so you’re covered.

This is a perfect example of how Fpweb.net’s FLEXible Hosted SharePoint ENHANCES Office 365.  We don’t compete with it, we fill in a gap.  This particular customer will run a mix of O365, Fpweb.net and on-premise – a hybrid SharePoint solution which makes good business sense.  We are more than happy to help connect your SharePoint clouds!  Each and every one dedicated to you.

Read more about the Hybrid Cloud SharePoint Model.

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  1. […] Please recognize, also, that SharePoint Online and Fpweb.net’s FLEXible SharePoint Hosting services are NOT mutually exclusive. We specialize in designing custom ‘hybrid cloud’ SharePoint farms. Customers can combine dedicated, private cloud hosting with assets hosted in Office365 or on-premise. In fact, Fpweb.net hosted SharePoint enhances Office365. […]

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