SharePoint Hosting Provider is HIRING!

Looking for a change? Want a job where you look forward to showing up?

Apply today at Fpweb.netThinking about starting a new career with a company that is designed around harnessing your creativity? is filling its St. Louis offices with talented, driven individuals who can help take our teams to new places. We understand that hard work should be rewarded and that’s why we take care of our employees.

We care about our employees and while they’re taking care of the company, we want to take care of them. On top of our strong benefits package that includes medical, dental and life insurance, we offer a retirement plan (matching 401k) and a Gold’s Gym membership for good measure. We don’t track your vacation or sick days. If you need a day, take it. We’re a relatively small team so you’ll actually have a say in how things are done here. We provide you the environment to perform at your best and excel at your career!

Let’s face it – with work and in life, it’s important to find that careful balance between being challenged and being happy. At, we embrace our jobs as an inspired outlet for our next great idea, a place to excel, a powerhouse for our creativity. We recognize that it’s important to be excited about showing up for work in the morning.

Since 1996, our CEO Rob LaMear IV has built this company around quality, imaginative workers. Engineers, Consultants, Web Developers, Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing teams all driven by a passion for their industry.

Our workplace is run as a R.O.W.E. and it works. We don’t let the atmosphere get bogged down by policies or rules. We expect you to know your purpose and be comfortable and free to work at your highest caliber. Performance is judged by… performance! Not sick days or late hours. We’re proud of the fact that we’re chasing the title for #1 Place to Work in St. Louis and we’re doing it by surrounding ourselves with outstanding people.

All of’s teams are located centrally under one roof in Fenton, Mo. It’s just minutes from 1-44 and 270 and positioned right in the heart of St. Louis Cardinals country.

What We Do: is a global leader in cloud hosting for Microsoft SharePoint. As the the home of FLEXible hosted SharePoint solutions, our datacenter hosts intranet sites, extranet portals and public websites for clients around the world. We are are proud to deliver unmatched experience and dedication for the SharePoint platform. That level of commitment has led to premier status within the SharePoint hosting industry and qualified our company as a 2010 Microsoft Partner of the Year.

During this growth stage, we have the following openings:

  • Senior Network Engineer
  • SharePoint Relationship Manager
  • SharePoint Sales Architect
  • Pre-Sales Engineer
  • Sales Support / Admin Assistant
  • Systems Engineer
  • Channel Manager
  • Product Manager

Interested? Visit our Careers page to apply today for immediate consideration!

Top 10 reasons you want to join our team:

  1. Our mission is to be the #1 place to work in St. Louis.
  2. We enjoy a casual & friendly work environment.
  3. We are R.O.W.E. – This means flex hours & unlimited vacation. We reward production, not long hours.
  4. We are a small shop with huge ideas; you’ll actually have a say in how things are done.
  5. We hire outstanding people who also happen to be extremely talented.
  6. Rules and bureaucracy annoy us.
  7. Values matter to us.
  8. We pay well.
  9. We embrace innovation and creativity.
  10. Our tireless ambition to dominate our industry means the sky is the limit for you.
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