Fpweb.net Opens New Kansas City Data Center

If you haven’t already heard, Kansas City is now home to our new Fpweb.net Data Center!

Monday, April 15, 2013, we proudly opened the latest addition to our growing SharePoint Hosting data center arsenal with one clear goal in mind: increased backups and offsite recovery for customer data.

“The most exciting part of our new data center is the ability to add pre-configured solutions for disaster recovery and offsite backup options without having to design a custom solution each time a customer needs a basic solution,” said Fpweb.net President, Chris Schwab. “Also the location is far enough away for there to be some real data separation, but still close enough that we can continue to provide a very hands-on service for our customers.”

After diligently scouting and researching locations, our SharePoint engineers chose Kansas City from a long list due to its geographic location in relation to our St. Louis, Missouri headquarters as well as the physical layout and compliance standards it possesses.

The facility is built with security and redundancy in mind. The actual building can withstand winds of 150 miles an hour and even an F3 tornado. Its architecture includes 36” raised floors and a buffer zone with additional barriers to protect the servers and equipment housed inside. Redundancy comes in the form of multiple high capacity on-site diesel generators and a high availability network infrastructure.

And while the state-of-the-art security framework provides all of the physical and cyber security your data needs, our compliance standards are bolstered with Tier III Uptime Institute standards, SSAE-16 Type II auditing, Safe Harbor certification and compliances with PCI, HIPAA, NIST and more. The facility even contains 24/7/365 staffed and remote support.

Offsite recovery becomes an easy option for your data by choosing data backups or full environment backups to be stored in the Kansas City Data Center. An Aveco study revealed that 20% of companies suffer a major incident that can shut down business. And 43% of businesses that don’t have recovery options in place that resume operations within 10 days will never reopen. That’s why offsite recovery is critical to save your business and keep you prepared for anything.

We’re excited about providing your business with a trusted, secure location for item-level data recovery all the way to a full environment, hot standby ready to be switched on when you need it. Whatever your business continuity plan may be, Fpweb.net is ready to create the solution your company needs.

And we’ll be the first to admit our excitement at being able to open our latest data center in Google Fiber’s backyard! Kansas City is currently being dubbed the next Silicon Valley for its exclusive access to Google’s extremely powerful connection speed that is 100 times faster than typical broadband. Kansas City was chosen over the 1,100 other communities that applied for Google’s dedicated service.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our latest data center opening or to examine your data recovery needs and determine how Fpweb.net can put you in the best position to save your business.

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