Fpweb.net Returns from SPC11

The Fpweb.net Road Crew has returned from another outstanding Microsoft SharePoint Conference. I’ve heard that we always have a good time at these things but perhaps there was something tipping the scales this time around to make it just a bit more special…

Boothzilla is introduced

The first brave visitor steps into the thunderdome...

I also knew that we preferred to call this a community rather than an industry but I had no idea how close knit the SharePoint Community can be.  Between SharePints and handshakes and trading stories, I met some great people who spin the wheels of SharePoint and was happy to find that they love Fpweb.net!

SharePoint Online Influencers

A handful of the Top 25 SharePoint Online Influencers stop by to play on the stairs


But between socializing with old friends and making new ones, we also had a message to get across. Fpweb.net has FLEXible Hosted SharePoint solutions.  So how do we demonstrate that…

FLEXible SharePoint

People were instantly captivated by our flexibility...


In our continued effort to further the Community, Fpweb.net sponsored a Bean Bag Lounge where attendees could slip away and have some quiet time to blog or tweet on comfy bean bags next to internet hookups.

Bean Bag Lounge

Now the bean bags are going straight into my office...


As conferences go, there’s always some sweet giveaways to get the attendees excited.  Special thanks to Chris Givens for helping us sponsor a Dance Contest that posed the question, “Do you have the moves like Jagger?”  Three lucky winners won tickets to DisneyLand!  Everyone else won front row seats to some hilarious dancing!

Dance Off

And people say that Jagger can't dance...


Fpweb.net’s biggest giveaway was $1,000 to three individuals who were proudly wearing our SharePoint Hero t-shirts and following @fpweb on Twitter.  Congrats to @JaneDavis1, @hyperluke and @wsucougs19!  Once again, everyone else participating got an awesome shirt and won the opportunity to read our tweets on a daily basis!

SharePoint Heroes

Congrats again to our SharePoint Heroes!


So add Disneyland and all the other hosted parties to the list and you have yourself a pretty outstanding SPC11.  A very huge thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and there’s a lot of great relationships to develop there.  Fpweb.net is making a name in the Community as the Hosted SharePoint Authority and conferences like this week in Anaheim and endorsements from SharePoint MVPS all help make that happen.

We had a great time.  Until next time, dear SharePointers…

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  1. Jeff Sullivan October 10, 2011 at 10:53 am - Reply

    Looks like the show was a complete success! Congrats to all : )

  2. Fpweb.net Crew October 16, 2011 at 3:52 am - Reply

    @Jeff Sullivan it sure was!!! We couldn’t have done it without the amazing team at Moxie!!!

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