Cloud Concerns: Can Hosted SharePoint really be secure?

(This post is written to address a common concern regarding security with Hosted SharePoint) is everywhere.

Fpweb is everywhereEven as I write this, one Road Crew team is decompressing from a week in Vegas with the Dev Connections conference, another team is probably taking a break to eat some pizza-by-the-slice in New York at the Future of Web Design Conference, while yet another team is battling jet lag and knockoff electronics in Singapore for the Southeast Asia SP Conference.

There’s a reason we’re everywhere. The SharePoint Community doesn’t always show up at our doorstep. Sometimes we have to go find it. This year, we trekked to 12 conferences in seven different countries. And the numbers are on the rise for 2012 with SharePoint invading South America, Australia, South Africa, and even Antarctica! And each place we go, we learn more about the SharePoint Community and how different people are using SharePoint. And we like to make friends.

Yes, the SharePoint epidemic is worldwide and is part of the contagion. And while I won’t normally describe us a communicator of disease, the point I wish to infect upon you is that we preach Hosted SharePoint from every corner of the world because we’re the trusted advisor for all things SharePoint.

And as your trusted advisor at these conferences, has noticed that many attendees dabbling with SharePoint have the same questions/concerns. The conversation usually tips to Hosted vs. On-Premise and The Cloud. Both concerns can be fused into one. So why not address those here?

CONCERN: We keep it in-house for security reasons and because we don’t trust the cloud.
REPLY: Both concerns can be defused with’s FLEXible SharePoint Hosting.

It’s never surprising to hear that a company has their SharePoint set up in-house. A recent Forrester survey, the base consisting of 510 IT decision-makers involved in evaluating, specifying, or administering SharePoint, found that 81% deploy their SharePoint on-premise. That’s a lot of businesses yet to save themselves time and money from a FLEXible SharePoint Hosted solution.

So let’s address the security concern associated with Hosted and the Cloud:

This kind of securityWith, you know where your data is. You can even take a tour of the Data Centers if you like. The Cloud sounds ambiguous but it’s not. It’s simply a secure place where your data is stored. And it’s heavily protected with’s strict security policies. It’s compliant-ready starting with an isolated and secure private cloud environment within our redundant SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II certified Data Center facilities (and if that just sounds like a bunch of letters and numbers to you then picture a really massive guy securing the door and when you get closer you notice that whoa, this guy has a samurai sword or something strapped to his back. That kind of security!)

Or maybe you’re concerned because you’ve never dealt with the Cloud.  It’s an understandable concern and to help ease the tension, we have case studies and references from major companies that are utilizing the Cloud. But they aren’t you or your money. So maybe you need to try just a taste. Maybe you thought the Cloud is an all or nothing situation. Not so. You can have a Hybrid Cloud Solution that places maybe just a single project or one department in a Private Cloud.

There’s no worries with our solutions. You can even pull the plug on it if needed and go back to the way you had encourages you to start small and let the service grow to your needs.  Then you’ll find out just how FLEXible’s Private Cloud solutions can be.


(Special thanks to Andy Milsark, our Lead SharePoint Engineer, for reading this over and making sure I stay to the point and accurate for the most part and for removing any and all references to SharePoint being magic or that SharePoint prefers the Cloud because SharePoint can fly.)

Here’s a clever little animation video answering “What does do with SharePoint?

Further reading on the future in the Cloud: SharePoint and the Cloud: What the future?

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