Fpweb.net’s Marketing Team is Inbound Bound!

Next stop: Boston, Massachusetts

Inbound ConferenceThe countdown is over! Today, I am heading to the Inbound conference in Boston, MA (along with my spectacular teammates, Peter and Brianna).

At this annual event hosted by HubSpot (a massive Marketing automation, analytics, social media, email, jack-of-all-trades type of business), we get to soak in the expertise of so many iconic leaders in the marketing and branding universe including Malcolm Gladwell, Simon Sinek, Shiza Shihad, and Guy Kawasaki (just to mention a few). Of course the co-founders of HubSpot Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah will be giving a lively presentation which will likely announce what is next for marketing and communication and engagement, and even Martha Stewart will make an appearance!

Why we go:

Marketing is in our blood, and since the industry practices are constantly evolving, we want to stay sharp. It’s our chance as marketers to step away from the world of SharePoint and take a beat to look at our communication practices and evaluate if we are engaging you in the way that you like to be engaged.

That is what this all comes down to right? Current and potential customer communication. How do we at Fpweb.net educate, convert, and communicate with our potential and current customers while managing to delight them and not annoy with constant “in your face” emails, tweets, phone calls and updates?

How we use it:

Lately we’ve had constant updates coming out and new services to shout from the mountain tops like On premises SharePoint, Managed services, Hybrid offerings, Hosted Sitecore, and so on. It makes it a bit difficult to find that line in the sand  (that line being the unsubscribe button) that pushes you right off the edge.  This is why we count on so many inbound tools to provide analytics on exactly what our users are interested in learning about, and more importantly what they don’t want to hear about.

Taking into account analytics on e-books, webinars, newsletters, social media interactions, and so much more, we can weigh the interest on a pretty educated level and present you with like information. As we get closer to innovations like this, it will only continue to create a better experience for the user.

Enhancing the Customer Experience:

We see it within our industry as well. The ability to shape this experience across each individual channel is how Sitecore is changing the name the game. This goes as far as to provide an individual experience when you interact with external and even internal platforms. Whether it is web, mobile or app based content, it will be tailored to not only what you are looking for, but also what you have interacted with in past sessions.

It’s a whole other debate in how the consumer approaches this new wave in technology.

You will always here whispers of  “big brother” and how individuals feel about analytics collected on interactions they have with particular businesses.  However, from someone who is a constant victim of daily cold calls, I am way more appreciative of those who choose not to reach out to me because they know I am not ready to or prefer not to speak to someone on the phone quite yet. And do to the customer experience measurements being taken by businesses, I feel more in control of my buying experience than ever.

Using your time wisely:

This is a technology that is being carefully cultivated to drive the targeted education and pertinent information to the appropriate readers, thereby optimizing both the buyer and seller’s o-so-scarce time.

We don’t know what will be announced this week in Boston or what the future holds for B2B and B2C communication, but I can tell you that there is no doubt that it will surely impact the way we talk to you… seriously, specifically you.

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