Fpweb.net’s SharePoint 2013 Website Silo Launch

SharePoint 2013 Hosting from Fpweb.netWe did something pretty cool recently. Maybe not this cool, but really cool nonetheless.

At Fpweb.net, we get pretty excited about SharePoint. (Still with me? Good…) Our company is built around the platform, so when a new product magically appears, we like to be on top of it. In the past, our MOSS and SharePoint 2010 content has been exhaustive and helpful to the SharePoint Community, so it was pretty clear what needed to be done.

And so we launched a massive SharePoint 2013 website silo filled to the brim with great SharePoint 2013 content for SharePoint end users, developers, administrators and whoever else wants to know what to expect with the new version. Page after page of info, plans, overviews, etc. All for you. So feel free to hop onto Fpweb.net’s homepage and show yourself around. The drop down navigation will send you on an inspired journey through the land of SharePoint 2013 comparison tables, feature overviews, hosting plans and tutorials. But for those who like it when I hold their hand, I’ve laid out the major highlights and pride points of our latest development right here in this blog (no actual hand-holding required).

A big thanks to Fpweb.net’s crack Web Team who have had to deal with me hanging over their back for the last two weeks saying things like “make it pop” or “needs more SharePoint!” or “are you gonna eat that?”

So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce, The Fpweb.net SharePoint 2013 Silo!

First, as I said before, our easy-to-use drop down navigation and sub navigation buttons with unique Call-to-actions make sure you find what you’re looking for the first time.

SharePoint 2013 navigation

Several options are available to find what you’re looking for

SharePoint 2013 extended navigation

Clicking in the drop down navigation gives you several SharePoint 2013 options and more…


Use the sub navigation buttons to locate the SharePoint 2013 plan that you’re interested in.

SharePoint Foundation 2013 Hosting

It’s easy to request a custom SharePoint hosting quote that fits your business

SharePoint Server 2013 Hosting plans

Use the sub navigation to find plans for SharePoint Server 2013


We’ve added some great pages that help you identify the differences between SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013. Be sure to take a look at our SharePoint 2010 vs. 2013 Comparison Matrix!

Compare SharePoint 2010 vs SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Server 2013 brings strong enhancements to its 2010 predecessor.


We even added SharePoint 2010 vs. SharePoint 2013 Scalability Boundaries and Limits:

SharePoint 2013 Scalability Boundaries and Limits

SharePoint 2013 brings performance and scalability optimizations not found in SharePoint 2010


We also identify the differences between SharePoint Server Standard and SharePoint Server Enterprise for SharePoint 2013.

Compare SharePoint Server Standard vs SharePoint Enterprise 2013

Features are easily opened or hidden to make for an easier viewing experience


Take the time to familiarize yourself with SharePoint 2013’s robust new features!

SharePoint 2013 Features

SharePoint Administrators, End Users and Developers have a lot to be happy about with the new features available in Microsoft SharePoint 2013


And, of course, our different SharePoint Hosting plans are available with the same collapsible buttons to give you a full overview of each plan.

SharePoint Foundation 2013 Hosting plans

Find the perfect SharePoint 2013 Hosting Plan for your business

SharePoint Server 2013 Hosting plans

Find the difference between Enterprise, Farm Duo, Farm Treo & HA-8 Farms


Well, hope that helps! Take some time to peruse the site to see many more SharePoint 2013 pages and, as always, let us know if there is any SharePoint content that you would like to learn more about – we’re happy to add whatever we can to help! This SharePoint platform silo was built with the SharePoint 2013 enthusiast in mind and with the hope of providing the content they need to learn more about Microsoft’s latest upgrade.  And we’re not afraid to admit that we hope it catches the eye of fellow web designers with some of the changes we’ve added to our user interface.

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