Free Daily Backups for your SharePoint Environment

Get excited! We’re proud to announce that free daily backups now come standard with SharePoint hosting contracts signed in the month of May.

Free Daily Backups for SharePoint

The skinny: It is available for Enterprise plans and above with pre-paid, one-year terms or longer. Free daily backups will be available for your entire term, whether it’s one year or ten. This promotion cannot be combined with any other offers.

Gone are the days where time passed slowly in front of you as you lay awake with bated breath hoping the data you created today would survive the night to fight another day. Now you have free daily backups!

“80% of businesses who don’t properly backup their environment and suffer a significant data loss will go out of business within the month,” said CEO, Rob LaMear.  “We wanted to create a promotion that draws attention to the importance of daily backups and then hands them over for free with each new contract. It’s just another way we can bring value to your hosted SharePoint environment.”

So, what is a backup?

Simply put, a backup is a copy of your data that can replace the original in case you lose your data. With daily backups, you secure your data’s safety, knowing that incremental backups of your environment take place every evening.

So, why backup?

You don’t want to be caught unprepared. Your business depends on your IT team’s heads up mentality. By placing safeguards like daily backups around your data, you’re protecting your investment. Many businesses fail to recognize the importance of redundancy for their data and their business.

Other ways to protect your data:

There’s plenty that can be done to ‘save the farm’ in case of a major incident. It starts by identifying your Business Continuity Plan. Once you’re aware of how much time you can spare without the data that gets lost during a disaster as well as how much time your company will need to recover the services necessary to resume business, you are ready to take the steps to secure your environment.

Maybe weekly backups are sufficient. But if the outage or disaster happens right before your next backup, you can be left without days of data. Daily backups minimize this time and keep you within 24 hours of your last backup.

But sometimes, even that isn’t enough. There are three different types of standbys for your data that can prepare you for a catastrophic event.

Cold Standby System: This typically takes a few days to get you back and running. Most non critical data is secured with a cold standby.

Warm Standby System: This typically takes a few hours to get you back and running. It is a very close mimic of your primary system and gets you running again soon, even though it doesn’t always contain the same data on both servers.

Hot Standby System: This completely secures your business. It runs simultaneously with your primary system and replicates in real-time as you update your data.

Learn more about Disaster Recovery for your business.

So, what about offsite recovery?

Thought you’d never ask. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that our latest datacenter in the Kansas City area is primed for offsite backups. Offsite recovery is simply another step businesses take to protect their data by placing a copy of their data in a second location. This service is available from will continue to work feverishly to give your business the peace of mind it needs to continue to innovate. Whatever your business continuity needs may be, we’ve got you covered. And it starts with free daily backups!

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