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FREE SharePoint MigrationFree SharePoint Migrations are the best kind of migrations. Here at, we’re proud to announce that we’ve streamlined an onboarding migration solution for your SharePoint data!  The best part is that it’s FREE!  Yep, you’re reading that correctly – FREE SharePoint Migrations – FREE SharePoint Upgrades – whatever you want to call it, is starting off 2013 (and finishing 2012) with the best SharePoint gift we could think of for your business! Through this new promotion, we migrate your data and user accounts from pretty much anywhere, whether it’s an on-premises SharePoint farm, Office 365, Google, file shares or from another SharePoint hosting provider.

What are the caveats you ask?  Well, there is just one

This promotion is available to all paying customers as well as new ones, until January 31st, 2013! Only available to customers moving to a dedicated SharePoint environment.

So, here’s what’s included in your FREE migration package:

  • Solution Architecture Consultation with an SharePoint Architect
  • Site collection data and user migration*
    • Lists, Libraries, Views, Site Columns, Content Types, Master pages, Navigation, Web parts, permissions, versions, Security Groups, Tasks, Calendars, and much more
    • NTLM User accounts (FBA and SAML claims accounts will require analysis)

Frequently Asked Questions about’s FREE SharePoint Migration:

1.) When migrating data from SharePoint, can you restructure content? We bring over entire site collections and user accounts. Any restructuring of site taxonomy may require a more in-depth engagement with a partner. This will be analyzed on a case by case basis.

2.) What if I want to migrate from SharePoint 2003 or 2007 or 2010 to 2013?
No problem. We can do a direct migration to your favorite version of SharePoint without intermediate patching.

3.) What can we do to minimize downtime? We got it. Our tools allow us to migrate content while the source site is still in production and then migrate the delta when you are ready to cut over to using the new environment.

4.) What if we want a hybrid SharePoint cloud solution and only want some data such as an extranet site in the SharePoint cloud?  No problem. We can migrate very granular amounts of content and sites. In fact, a common solution for companies with SharePoint located on-premises is to host just their extranet or public facing site with while maintaining their intranet internally.

5.) What if I’m a current customer and would like to upgrade to a newer version of SharePoint? Firstly, thank you for being a valued customer! Yes, we encourage our customers to upgrade because the new versions of SharePoint are more powerful and scalable.  This service can be utilized by you too!

6.) What are the next steps and how soon can we get started?  There is already great interest in this promotion so we recommend you fill out the form on our Free SharePoint Migration page which will contact our team and get the process started. The migrations will be executed once the new hosted SharePoint environment is in place and ready for new data.

Adding this free migration offering adds value to our hosted SharePoint solutions by removing the customers’ headaches related to data and user onboarding of new SharePoint cloud environments.  Along with simplifying the move to your SharePoint cloud, a streamlined upgrade path will allow current SharePoint hosting customer’s to upgrade to the new versions of the SharePoint platform without productivity losses and business interruption. This enhances the cloud adoption life cycle for our customers making a move to the Cloud less harrowing.

For more information about hosted SharePoint in the SharePoint Cloud, please contact us to discuss your requirements and get started!

*Certain technical restrictions may apply.  Contact an sales representative to learn more.

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