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(This webinar is currently available to view for free on-demand: MAKE IT PERSONAL: APPLYING YOUR DYNAMIC CONTENT PERSONALIZATION STRATEGY)

Start Tailoring Your Message to Your Website Visitors

Content PersonalizationWant to stay relevant with your customers? Then it’s time to start speaking their language (sometimes literally…)

Content Personalization has changed the game for Marketers everywhere and opened up a new line of dialogue with the most important part of our businesses – the customer! So, what is your company doing to get out in front of the great opportunity?

What is Content Personalization?

We’re talking about personalizing the experience for your website visitors. Evolving your content to carry a different message depending on where your prospect is in the buying process. Customers shouldn’t be getting the same messaging that new visitors are getting, and each interaction can be customized by your visitor’s profile.

Why Personalize the Experience?

Well, now we’re gathering a lot of qualified information about our visitors and we can tailor to their interests and actions. When we personalize the experience based on the insights and behavior our website has gathered about the visitor, we can recognize them when they return and deliver an experience that is guaranteed to have better engagement.

Discover Why One Size Doesn’t Fit All:

Our upcoming webinar once more pairs us with Roundedcube, a leader in enterprise-level digital marketing, to discuss dynamic website personalization.

What You Can Expect:

Everything starts with a strategy for success. We’ll help arm you with the tools and the insight you need to tailor your message to each website visitor.

Your website, like your customers, should never be static. Target your content to visitors after defining who they are, where they are, when why and how they interact with your site and which device they’re using to engage with you.

This webinar breaks down why your business needs this and how to maximize your investment by implementing the marketing strategy that makes your team successful. Aaron Branson, Chief Marketing Officer for Roundedcube, returns to help explain in simple terms how to develop a solid personalization strategy.

We’ll look at the opportunities and challenges of Dynamic Website Personalization and then we’ll discuss some Real World Examples of Personalization. Finally, Aaron will leave you with some quick wins that show there really is a method to the madness.

Is It Worth It?

CMI’s 2014 B2B Content Marketing Report shows that 95% of organizations surveyed are making some attempt to segment their content based on their audience. Personalized content is one of the ways they are seeing success.

Creating this content and using it in the right way has proven to be a very efficient and effective weapon in acquiring customers and delighting them throughout their buying process. Our free webinar provides a sound strategy to navigating the benefits and the roadblocks you’ll encounter along the way.

How Does the Webinar Work:

We try to keep our special Fpwebinars at 20 minutes of premium content. We dive right into the meat of the conversation and provide several key, well-defined takeaways that educate our attendees. If you have questions, we always finish with a Question & Answer section where we can look at your individual scenarios or address any points we may have missed.

Each of our recordings are available on-demand afterwards on our Fpwebinar page.

And We Give Out Prizes:

One lucky attendee will win a copy of Windows 8 Pro (a $199 value).

If you missed Aaron’s last Fpwebinar, feel free to catch up: “A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Platform Selection”. We hope you can join us for this new webinar to sharpen your content personalization strategy. See you soon!

Dynamic Content Personalization Strategy webinar

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