FREE WEBINAR: Protect your Infrastructure: The basics of Cloud security

(This webinar is currently available on-demand: PROTECT YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE: BASICS OF CLOUD SECURITY)

Well, we’ve hit the ground running since returning from SPC14 and we’ve already lined up another great Fpwebinar for you. In the past, we’ve covered the different types of clouds, the basics of disaster recovery, migrations, controlling your data and even what information to bring to your organization’s cloud conversation. Now we’re focusing on a critical element to the cloud: SECURITY.

On Thursday, March 20th at 11am (EST) our President, Chris Schwab, and our Infrastructure Manager, Matt Kinder, will be dialing into the key components of a good security strategy with “Protect your Infrastructure: The basics of Cloud security”.

Please join us as they start from the top, detailing physical security needed at the datacenter, then diving into the different pieces of network security that must be in place, and concluding with a quick run through of the steps to take for application security as it applies to SharePoint.

We’ll let Chris Schwab explain the importance of this free webinar:

And here’s your recap:

What is it?

A free webinar entitled “Protect your Infrastructure: The basics of cloud security”.

When is it?

Next week. Thursday, March 20th at 11am (EST)

What does it cover:

Three main aspects of cloud security: Physical, Network and Application Security

Can you be more specific?

Yes. Our network engineer will explain the kind of physical security that is essential to any datacenter and the types of check-in processes that should always be followed to ensure the most safety around your environment.

Secondly, they will discuss the blueprint to follow when establishing your network security as well as solutions available to provide global access easily. Also, we will explain the importance of hardened equipment that follows best practices and ideally allows for network monitoring and logging so you can stay on top of your infrastructure’s health.

Finally, we’ll conclude with a brief look at application security (mostly as it applies to SharePoint) so you can learn more best practices and common security measures that will protect your environment.

Any great giveaways at the webinar?

Funny you should mention it. At this webinar, one lucky attendee will be awarded Windows 8 Pro (a $199 value). Winner will be chosen randomly from list of attendees that were in attendance for the entire webinar.

How do I register?

If this sounds like something that can help you or a friend, please sign up by clicking the link below. We look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Cloudmaven March 29, 2014 at 6:11 am - Reply

    The idea of cloud computing seems to have gained a good mass appeal in the corporate data centers. This is because it enables the data center to work like the web via the process of enabling the computing resources, which need to be accessed and then shared like the virtual resources in the most secured and scalable fashion.

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